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Original Score by Vince Guaraldi.
Original Broadcast 9/27/69

Featuring Monty Budwig (Bass), Conte and Pete Candoli (Trumpet), Frank Rosolino (Trombone),
Herb Ellis (Guitar), Victor Feldman (Percussion) and Jack Sperling (Drums).
Augmented by 2 more Trombonists and additional Woodwind players.

"Now you've done it. Here comes a stupid assignment!"

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__________________________________________________ ______________

What did Charlie Brown and the gang do last summer?
To complete a 400 word essay, the Peanuts gang writes about how they all spent their summer vacation
at camp and the ups and downs of their experience (although, it's mostly down for the boys).

__________________________________________________ ______________

Believe it or not, it's been 50 years since this special aired on WCBS.
Vince Guaraldi, along with this great jazz combo (I stopped counting players at 8),
played swinging arrangements of "Linus and Lucy", "Oh Good Grief", "He's Your Dog Charlie",
"Pebble Beach", "Peppermint Patty" and others.
Plus two new tunes for the special, "It Was a Short Summer, Charlie Brown" and "Masked Marvel".

John Trotter contributed short cues such as "Big Bus", "Come and Get It", "Hash",
"Nova Bossa" and "Whos Stepped On My Toe?".
(The above is paraphrazed from Derrick Bang's book "Vince Guaraldi at the Piano")

First let me thank Derrick Bang for providing the "Use" list of musical tracks (which gives us
real names for these tunes)
Second, thank you "MKtheInstrumentalist" for providing me some of the source material,
such as cleaned up versions of "He's Your Dog" and "You're In Love".

In creation of this soundtrack, I would like to say it's complete.
In essesence, it's really close. Even though I was able to obtain the rare Austrailian DVD
containing "Split Audio", there a few tracks where fx still remain.

One of these is Vince Guaraldi's beautiful unrecorded version of "Love Will Come".
Unfortunately it suffers from Camp Fire crackling which I am unable to remove without
killing the Piano.

In any case, it's a proverbial Vince Guaraldi "Greatest Hits" album with many tunes I'm sure you'll recognize.

__________________________________________________ ______________

00:00 01. Charlie Brown Theme1 (horn section version) (00:50)
00:55 02. Linus and Lucy1 (flute and trio version) (00:59)
02:55 03. It Was a Short Summer, Charlie Brown1 (00:41)
03:39 04. Oh Good Grief1 (00:35)
05:27 05. You're in Love, Charlie Brown1 (piano, horn) (00:18)
05:46 06. Shroeder (00:12)
06:01 07. Bus Blues1 (retitled "F to E Flat" by Winston) (00:35)
..... 08. Who Stepped on My Toe? (composed by John Scott Trotter) (00:04)
07:10 09. Bus Blues2 (retitled "F to E Flat" by Winston) (00:28)
07:37 10. It Was a Short Summer, Charlie Brown2 (01:19)
09:00 11. Frieda (With the Naturally Curly Hair) (big band version) (00:30)
09:35 12. Oh Good Grief2 (00:34)
10:04 13. Come and Get It (composed by John Scott Trotter) (00:07)
10:25 14. Hash (composed by John Scott Trotter) (00:17)
10:45 15. Bon Voyage (00:33)
11:24 16. Peppermint Patty (00:59)
12:23 17. Nova Bossa (composed by John Scott Trotter) (02:12)
..... 18. Love Will Come
..... 19. Nova Bossa (composed by John Scott Trotter)
14:38 20. Pack Up Your Troubles in Your Old Kit Bag (traditional, arranged by Guaraldi) (00:39)
..... 21. There's a Long, Long Trail A'Winding (traditional, arranged by Guaraldi)
15:19 22. A.M. Break (composed by John Scott Trotter) (00:20)
16:00 23. He's Your Dog, Charlie Brown1 (horns) (00:30)
16:21 24. Pebble Beach (01:15)
17:38 25. You're in Love, Charlie Brown2 (piano, flutes) (00:49)
18:31 26. He's Your Dog, Charlie Brown (horn, flute) (00:54)
19:24 27. Tah Dah (00:04)
19:35 28. Masked Marvel1 (01:18)
20:20 29. Big Bus (00:17)
20:36 30. Masked Marvel2 (00:34)
21:02 31. You're in Love, Charlie Brown3 (sax, guitar) (01:29)
22:20 32. Masked Marvel3 (00:17)
22:58 33. Linus and Lucy2 (00:27)
23:42 34. Oh Good Grief3 (00:07)
24:12 35. Charlie Brown Theme2 (00:21)
24:33 36. It Was a Short Summer, Charlie Brown3 (end credits) (00:34)


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