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A early vinyl restoration I did of this rare Polydor british LP from 1968. The two films scores could not be further apart except for the fact that they were released in cinemas together in 1968.

Twisted Nerve is a 1968 psychological thriller film directed by Roy Boulting and starring Hywel Bennett, Hayley Mills, Billie Whitelaw and Frank Finlay.The film follows a disturbed young man, Martin, who pretends, under the name of Georgie, to be intellectually impaired in order to be near Susan—a girl with whom he has become infatuated. Martin kills those who get in his way. A catchy and haunting score provided by Mr Herrmann. Although not sounding as good or complete as the recent Stylophone release it offers the basics of this score.

Les Bicyclettes de Belsize is a 1968 British musical short film (30 mins) starring Judy Huxtable and Anthony May. It tells the story of a young man (May) cycling around the Hampstead (NW3) area of London on a Raleigh RSW16. After crashing into a billboard he falls in love with a fashion model (Huxtable) depicted on it. Despite the title, the Belsize Park area does not actually feature.There is almost no spoken dialogue, and the soundtrack to the film is heard virtually throughout. The title song of the film, written by Les Reed and Barry Mason, has been a hit for Mireille Mathieu and Engelbert Humperdinck (a top ten hit in the UK and a top 40 hit in the USA) amongst others, though the version in the film is sung by Johnny Worth (aka songwriter Les Vandyke). The score also includes "'Gentlemen Of The Park", performed by Episode Six and featuring future Deep Purple members Ian Gillan and Roger Glover.

Twisted Nerve was restored from a 24 bit vinyl transfer by me. Belsize was from CD Masters

01 Main Title
02 The Detective
03 The Twisted Nerve - Jazz.
04 Second Meeting
05 Martin's Anger
06 Swimming
07 Finale
08 The Twisted Nerve
09 Les Bicyclettes de Belsize (instrumental)
10 Les Bicyclettes de Belsize
11 Free As Air.
12 Julie
13 Kate's Theme (instrumental)
14 All I Need Is Love
15 Julie (instrumental)
16 Gentlemen Of The Park
17 Julie
18 Les Bicyclettes de Belsize
19 Les Bicyclettes de Belsize - French version Vocal by Mireille Mathieu BONUS TRACK

Music composed & conducted by Bernard Herrmann
The British Lion Orchestra
*Jazz Version of “Georgie” (‘Twisted Nerve’ Theme) Arranged and Conducted by Howard Blake
Recorded at Shepperton Studios London England

Les Bicyclettes de Belsize composed & conducted by Les Reed
Recorded at De Lane Lea Studios 129 Kingsway Holborn London WC2


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