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Robert Bolt's historical drama, set in England during the 19th century, is an account of Lady Caroline (Sarah Miles), wife of a Parliament member (Jon Finch) who begins a notorious affair with Lord Byron (Richard Chamberlain).
A REUP of this long out of print CD 's to one of Richard Rodney Bennett's most beautiful scores. Restored from the original master tapes

The New Philharmonia Orchestra
Conducted by Marcus Dods
Recorded at Abbey Road Studios London by Christopher Bishop

1 Caroline
2 Honeymoon In Italy
3 Caroline And Byron
4 Byron's March
5 The Banquet
6 William Returns Home
7 The Temple
8 The Ride
9 William And Caroline
10 End Music
11 Elegy For Caroline Lamb: Lento-Alla Marcia-Lento
12 Andante Con Molto-Poco Agitato-Alla Breve

flac 16 bit 44.1

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