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A haunting, original score combining orchestra, piano, voice, and electronics for this
award winning film about refugees at sea; atmospheric music that enriches and
deepens the film's emotional impact. Includes outtakes and extended mixes.

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Music by
William Campbell

01 - Searching
02 - Boats on Water (Outtake)
03 - Refugee Stories
04 - Burning the Rafts
05 - Jon and the Sea
06 - Unmarked Grave (Outtake)
07 - Lifeboat
08 - Lifeboat II (Extended Mix)
09 - Refugee Stories II (Extended Mix)
10 - Burning the Rafts II (Extended Mix)
11 - Jon and the Sea II (Extended Mix)
Total Playing Time: 62m, 19s

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Analysis, Spek - Acoustic Spectrum Analyzer

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