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[Veronika Decides To Die Ost]

Veronika wa shinu koto ni shita (2005) [ Kei Horie]

Towa lives in a peculiar sanatorium after committing suicide. Convalescing in sanatorium, she is informed that she has only 7 days to live. Isolated within their worlds, strange people live in this sanatorium and try to avoid making any contact with her. However, Claude a man who lost his power of speech feels sympathetic towards her and their every lovable things give true colors to the life and inspire Towa's honest desire for the life.

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My Rip/Source :Cd

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Duration : 52:48.480 (139 729 968 samples)
Sample rate : 44100 Hz
Channels : 2
Bits per sample : 16
Avg. bitrate : 656 kbps
Codec : FLAC
Encoding : lossless
Tool : CUETools 2.1.5
Embedded cuesheet : no


01.Main Theme.flac
03.Blue of the Phantom-(comp. and arr. by Ei Wada).flac
04.The Notice .flac
05.The Tombstone on the Cloud-(comp. and arr. by Ei Wada).flac
06.The Transparent Sphere-(comp. and arr. by Ei Wada) .flac
07.The Hollow Consciousness-(comp. and arr. by Ei Wada) .flac
08.The Somnium Cocotte-(comp. and arr. by Ei Wada) .flac
09. _The Recital in the Night.flac
10. _Baptism .flac
11.Association of Heart-(comp. and arr. by Ei Wada).flac
12.A Moment of Rest.flac
13.The Journey to the Past.flac
14.Blue of the Phantom part 2-(comp. and arr. by Ei Wada).flac
15. A Monologue.flac
16. _Refusal .flac
17.The Gap.flac
18.The Trauma .flac
19.The Gleam of Light.flac
20.Sunbeams Streaming through the Leaves of Trees.flac
21.Main Theme(Facing Each Other).flac
22.Hope .flac
24.Main Theme (Rebirth).flac
25. Laughing Like This (Film version)-comp and sung by Nangi.flac

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