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Original score by Dominic Frontiere
Original Broadcast 03/23/1964

"Are we dreaming all this?
I looked at your picture in the watch case
and l heard a pain in my heart that was the sweetest hurt in all the world."

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Driving down a winding rural road, Wade Norton narrowly misses squashing a frail
old man lying by the roadside.
He sets off on foot to find help, discovering a pocket watch with a picture of a
lovely young woman inside.
An insistent rhythmic pulse draws him to a nearly mansion where people are kept prisoner
(and ageless) by an alien intelligence.

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For all of you Outer Limits fans, this is another of my re-created soundtracks.
Source material is again from CDs, direct DVDrips and a number are re-mixes to recreate them
as heard in the episode.

Dominic Frontiere reused quite a number of tracks and sometimes just selected bars from his
older episodes, both the "Outer Limits" and "Stoney Burke".

From the "Outer Limits" he used music from:
ZZZZZ, Nightmare, Controlled Experiment, The Man Who Was Never Born, Tourist Attraction,
Please Stand By, The Galaxy Being, The Human Factor and The Architects Of Fear.

Still with me, there's more.
From "Stoney Burke" he used music from:
Joby, To Catch A Kaiser, Cousin Eunice, Wild Cues, Matter Of Pride and The Wanderer.
There may be more (if anybody spots anymore tracks, let me know).

Some of the tracks were cleanly available, others had to be "Frankensteined" together.
Of course this wouldn't be complete without that hypnotic, metronome-like pulse that throbs in the
background of much of the episode.
Case in point, track# "16 Procreation, Work, Faith" had over 36 different overlays.

On the bright side, I was able to recreate one of Dominic Frontiere's most beautiful tracks.
Outer Limits fans will recognize the romantic track# "21 I Heard A Pain In My Heart" as the "Wade and Tess Theme".
For all of you fans of Stoney Burke, it was originally known as "Laura's Theme"!

So is it a good soundtrack?
Personally I think it's more eerily appropriate for Halloween.
It's not perfect (some minor Fx remains).
But have a listen; let me know what you think!


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00:00 01 Teaser (A Violin Bee)
00:39 02 Teaser You Can't Outwit That Thing, Bumper#0 (pulsing)
01:01 03 Main Title and Capper #4A

01:47 04 Starring (Sin Wave Pattern)
01:59 05 Old Man Running (POW3,POW1, pulsing)
03:48 06 Old Man Turns To Dust (pulsing, Signature-Loop-part1-3, POW3-part1, Signature-Loop-part4, POW3-part3)
04:46 07 Finds Locket (pulsing, birds, Signature Loop)
06:52 08 Anybody Here (The Lottery)
08:53 09 I Didn't Mean To Scare You
09:09 10 I Came For Help (part Prepare The Chamber)
11:55 11 Did You Really Want To Help Him? (Wade and Tess)
12:30 12 This Is Your Picture (pulsing, pulsing loud)
13:13 13 He's Been Dead For A Long Time (Wade and Tess alt.)
14:49 14 You Can't Fight It Drifter; Bumper#1 (drums) (pulsing, pulsing loud)

15:23 15 You Feel Fear (Enter Andro)
17:11 16 Procreation, Work, Faith (mix pulsing, piano notes, Signature-Loop)
18:47 17 Piano Chords
22:27 18 Time I Did (Tortures of the Mind-part2; Grandfathers Loop1)
23:22 19 We're All Prisoners; Bumper#2 (Submit to that Ordeal)

23:30 20 I Came Into This House Thru A Door (low chords)
25:46 21 I Heard A Pain In My Heart (Wade and Tess complete)
26:39 22 I Can Get Myself Out (mix Tortures Of The Mind-part2, piano notes; Grandfathers Loop1, Grandfathers Loop2, POW3)
29:53 23 I Just didn't Want You To Be Alone (Laura's Theme: Wade & Tess clip)
30:28 24 You Wanted Me To Kiss You (sting; Wade and Tess clip)
31:41 25 I'll Show You A Door (Mothers Loop; open door)
34:11 26 Hurry (Back To Room)
34:50 27 Hope Hurts, I Would Feel Compassion (mix pulsing, Signature Loop, Hatred)
36:47 28 They Don't Try To Leave Then ; Bumper#3 (Submit to that Ordeal)

36:52 29 Do You Play Bridge Drifter (March out B)
39:49 30 It Won't Let You Go Now
41:08 31 Where's Tess (mix Mothers loop)
42:08 32 Looking For Tess (second half of Grandfathers Loop)
42:29 33 Will You Escape With Me (Wade and Tess beginning clip)
44:50 34 I Want To Love You (Wade and Tess slower clip)
46:11 35 No Tess, Come Back
47:09 36 There's Nothing For Me Out There
48:42 37 Love Is Out There (Mothers Loop)
49:12 38 The House Disintegrates (mix POW2, POW1, Verdict, piano notes)
50:01 39 Walking Away (Let's Go#2)
50:16 40 Control Voice Sign Off
50:28 41 End Credits Version #2 (stereo)

__________________________________________________ ______________________________

To assist in identifying the musical cues in "the Guests", I referred to the book
"We Will Control All That You Hear: The Outer Limits and the Aural Imagination"
by Author: Reba Wissner .

As I compared the completed soundtrack to the cues listed below, what becomes apparent is this:
- The cues don't always line up in the proper order, nor show the "repeats".
- Several of the cues were reused in other "Stoney Burke" / "Outer Limits" episodes.
- The track sources I used (listed in parens) may not be the first occurrance ;
i.e they may have appeared in previous episodes.
- Others I just plain disagree with;
sonically they don't match the episode, so I had to find a match elsewhere.

Below are all of the excerpted cues (verbatim from the book) used in the episode as
recorded by Roger Farris during Domenic Frontiere's recording sessions.

A Violin Bee (ZZZZZ)
Andro#2 (Man Who Was Never Born)
Charlie's Debut (Tourist Attraction)
Main Title#1,
Main Capper#4,
Alan Carries Carol (Please Stand By),
Main Title (Please Stand By),
Main Capper#4A

Zap Willie (Nightmare)
March In (Nightmare)
Ugly Cloud#1 (Outer Limits stock)
Loop#6 (Galaxy Being)
Seance#2 (Borderland)
Ina's Bumper (SB Cousin Eunice)

Jung Returns (Nightmare)
Laura Dark (SB Jobey)
Tymp Solos G (SB Wild Cues)
Piano Chords (Outer Limits stock)
Grandfather's Loop (Nightmare)
Mother's Loop (Nightmare)
Bumper#2 (Human Factor)

Prepare The Chamber (Nightmare)
Nazi's (Nightmare)
Prepare The Chamber A (Nightmare)
Phobos Stays (Controlled Experiment)
Laura's Theme (SB Joby)
25 Years Later A (Don't Open)
Bumper#3 (Architects)

The Colonel (Nightmare)
His Name's Kaiser (SB To Catch A Kaiser)
Go-On Look (SB To Catch A Kaiser)
Catch The Kaiser (SB To Catch A Kaiser)
Dayton & Pa (SB A Matter Of Pride)
March Out B (Nightmare)
Nice Cloud#2 (Outer Limits stock)
Let's Go#2 (Galaxy Being)
End Title#2

(SB) = Stoney Burke

__________________________________________________ ______________________________

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