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08-13-2017, 01:08 AM
Fellow film music fans,

Here is a selection of the absolutely, no question ;-), Best of Ennio Morricone. It's not a standard 'Best Of...' but my own selection from about 250 Morricone soundtrack albums. I stress that its is only my own personal taste, and is in no way representative of the larger canon. There is no Gabriel's Oboe, No Chi Mai, no Once Upon a Time in America. Instead its a selection of my own personal favourites, mostly but not exclusively from the mid 60s to late 70s, all examples of what it is, to my ear, makes his work so special.

Stylistically its pretty broad, and is representative of all of the genres in which the Maestro composed, though it is heavy of the jazzy, gialli, pretty side of things, and minimal on the big, syrupy string-laden scores of the 80s, 90s and 00s. It has a few eccentric moments thrown in as well, to show how brilliant and genuinely funny his music sometimes is.

Tracks are arranged about 95% chronologically, with only a few moved about to improve the running of the selection.

All the tracks have carefully selected artwork from the original albums, all are fully tagged, and the overall collection is called Ennio Morricone: Superbest! I've had to set the Album Artist to Maestro Morricone for practical iTunes-related reasons.

Having whittled down the oeuvre to just over 300 tracks, I then had to whittle again, and again, and it was very hard to leave out some pieces of music that I think are great, but just not quite truly fabulous enough to make it into this selection. Many were chosen for the emotional resonance they have for me, and of course may not resonate in the same way for everyone. Finally I settled on 65 tracks.

I must thank all the people on this forum who have been so kind and generous with sharing here, as there are many tracks in this collection that I have been lucky enough to get from the kind people who post here. Thank you.

If I were to put my feelings about Morricone's compositions into three words, they would be: Fearless. Original. Gorgeous.

If anyone has any suggestions for tracks that ought to be in this particular collection I'd love to hear from you - PM me or post your suggestions here.

I hope you get great pleasure from this selection. This has been a labour of love, and I've enjoyed every minute of putting it together. That old guy with the specs and the comb-over just does something to me!

P.S. Please excuse the occasional emboldening - my attempt to make this post seem more Exciting and therefore more Popular!


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I look forward to listening to your selections. Thanks for sharing!


Interesting choices. I have a bunch of them but there were some I heard for the first time. Greatly appreciated!

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ennio morricone le meilleur j ai tous ces albums et bientot le concerta bercy le 21 septembre j y serais

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the link is missing

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the link is missing

Sorry, got a takedown from Mega as forgot to to add password. New link above, password: Maestro

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Thank you!!

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Thanks for sharing your personal Best-Of, brother John! As a huge fan of the Maestro (I'm glad that I've seen him years ago live in concert!) I'm curious what music you selected! ;)

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Thanks for sharing your personal Best-Of, brother John! As a huge fan of the Maestro (I'm glad that I've seen him years ago live in concert!) I'm curious what music you selected! ;)

Yes, I would have posted a tracklist, but couldn't figure out a way to export it from iTunes and didn't fancy typing out 65 track names in Italian!

I hope you enjoy my selection!