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Peer Raben - The Great Composer of Film Music - Vol. 1

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In 1966, Raben, together with several others, founded the Action Theatre in Munich, which led to the Anti Theatre in 1968, where he was active as writer, composer and director. In 1969 and 1970 he produced Fassbinder’s first films. After working on a film of his own (Die Ahnfrau), he concentrated on composing for theatre and films. In addition to Fassbinder, Raben composed music for Robert van Ackeren, Barbet Schroeder, Daniel Schmid, Bernhard Sinkel, Peter Zadek, Doris Dörrie, Hansgünther Heyme, Ulrike Ottinger, Werner Schroeter, Tom Toelle, Dan Polsby, Percy Adlon, Wong Kar-wai and Sergej Stanojkovski.

In 2006 he was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award from the World Soundtrack Academy.

MP3 320k, sorry no FLAC


01. Freude (Joy).mp3
02.- Spannung (Tension).mp3
03.- Ruhe (Quiet Moments).mp3
04.- Gefahr (Danger).mp3
05.- Natur (Nature).mp3
06.- Eleganz (Elegance).mp3
07.- Nachdenken (Thoughful).mp3
08.- Glück (Happiness).mp3
09.- Passionata (Passionata).mp3
10.- Sphären.mp3
11.- Zigeuner Jazz (Gypsy Jazz).mp3
12.- Tango Argentino (Tango Argentino).mp3
13.- Melancholie (Melancholy).mp3
14.- Menage à Trois (Menage à Trois).mp3
15.- Morgens (Morning).mp3
16.- Perfekte Harmonie (Perfect Harmony).mp3
17.- Russische Träume (Russian Dreams).mp3"
18.- Eng verbunden (Close Together).mp3
19.- Fremde (Strangers).mp3
20.- Nachtleben (Nightlife).mp3
21.- Zeit (Time).mp3
22.- Helden (Heroes).mp3
23.- Zeitlupe (Slow Motion).mp3
24.- Cabaret (Cabaret).mp3
25. Gavotte (Gavotte).mp3

62 mins.

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thank you

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Lovely melodies, thank you FilmFlaneur. I can imagine waltzing to the first track!

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Thanks for vol. 1!!!