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OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY is a black comedy from 1991 starring Danny DeVito as a greedy businessman eager to take over a small family-run company who finds himself not only up against their sharp lawyer-daughter, but falling in love with her as well. The score is unmistakably David Newman, with some boisterous music mixed with ballads.

21 tracks totaling about 33 minutes
Good (not great) stereo sound, with some tape hiss. No vocals, dialog or sfx.
Tau and EAC indicated all tracks on this disc to be lossless.
Disc was ripped to FLAC using XLD.

LINK is in 1st spoiler...

This 21-track version did not come with track titles. There was a version posted at FFS with 22 tracks and track titles. That version has 22 tracks because it takes track 8 on this 21-track version and breaks it into 2 separate tracks. In a close comparison between both versions I found the music to be identical, right down to extraneous noises and tape hiss. In the 2nd spoiler are track titles as found on the 22-track version. They are, however, in a different order. If you are interested in the 22-track version too, you can find it here: [Only registered and activated users can see links]

For the record: On this same disc is music from Newman's "Boys on the Side" and "Nutty Professor." However, since the artwork highlights "Other People's Money" I posted those other 2 scores separately, and gave them individual artwork.

[Only registered and activated users can see links] 8Jqu6fbIzXLYzS-Nj-MQI2nolNn4BSBZpL-bcZc9r0qUHn4Wnk3ERnT2X04z_c7umnRqtR71dd6d2W-ELRNbR2bhAa_LcY_coEXUgPAre8hjVRCIFwYG2B3LSNfTL_PVq 55uvCdjD9h3doLX274UAXk257XXa_B2FmWblbAIsDN2bvNj-fD0KM3ljPh_LytedM6oa7UfEZgwlbzWRiUY7OooqJOu--vS8TFS7tPbtBiivAhQOGV6XEaN5_siFD_us9RBfIJY75FOGL80 15n-1MEEypLQenv5ZFhqre4iM75Pn5D8WM6H6Q8czT2d35PoqOS8_y mSoMQSzZSIbjvzZRxlJXIUDtLcDp_9DyVLL_xJMIFp3Y5EHTLF t_0ZG9u1UB9ha2CAYiSX28H1vRoowpT5XkqyDs5gVW5izbftU7 SyqA_U0M6y0by4LLws6yYhuoJSOURUKgf245xCKIeZc0vMNaaG 1OmCu0Sheum-=w684-h300-no

Password: crybaby

LINK = [Only registered and activated users can see links] COMPARISON BETWEEN THIS 21-TRACK VERSION AND THE 22-TRACK VERSION:

1) Main Title (track 1 on 22-track version)
2) Flowers & Donuts (track 7 on 22-track version)
3) Larry's Lair (track 9 on 22-track version)
4) Larry Smitten (track 5 on 22-track version)
5) Kate To The Rescue (track 4 on 22-track version)
6) Good Morning Carmen (track 6 on 22-track version)
7) I Wanna Finish This One Quick (track 3 on 22-track version)
8) Larry The Liquidator / The Big Meeting (tracks 2 & 18 on the 22-track version)
9) Shut Down (track 21 on 22-track version)
10) End Titles (track 22 on 22-track version)
11) The Japanese Gambit (track 10 on 22-track version)
12) Mrs. Sullivan's Plea (track 14 on 22-track version)
13) Bitter Victory (track 20 on 22-track version)
14) The Vote (track 19 on 22-track version)
15) I'm Gonna Lose Her (track 16 on 22-track version)
16) You're So Perfect For Me (track 11 on 22-track version)
17) Lunch Is On Me/New Jersey Sneak (track 12 on 22-track version)
18) Why Do I Always Bring Out the Best In People? (track 15 on 22-track version)
19) Give 'Em Hell (track 17 on 22-track version)
20) Digging For Dirt (track 8 on 22-track version)
21) Bill's Betrayal (track 13 on 22-track version)
NOTE: As of the upload date this recording had not be registered with the US Copyright Office. However, anyone with sufficient cause can request I remove the link by contacting me or an Administrator. Thank you.

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In the 2nd spoiler are track titles as found on the 22-track version. They are, however, in a different order and I cannot vouch for their accuracy.

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Thank you. Is David Newman the most abused film composer with all his unreleased scores and rejected scores? Or does that go to Jerry Goldsmith.

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