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Gladly I already own this wonderful album, but must just chime in to wholeheartedly agree with your sentiments regarding this breathtaking film and its score Phideas1.

Director Scott Hicks conjures something truly elegant in his sure-handed film adaption of novelist David Guterson's achingly humane meditation of memories and mysteries, aesthetically fusing the roaming sensuality of Terrence Malick with David Fincher's sleekly composed perfectionism. Focusing on the intimate effects of love tuned longing and fears versus fairness in a post Second World War American Pacific Northwest coastal community grappling with lingering racial anxieties and prejudices, "Snow Falling On Cedars" is gracefully rendered from its illustrious source novel. Finely crafted to the highest level by tip-top talents all giving their career bests, beautifully executing a singular vision of fluid design. Uniformly nuanced acting performances are flawlessly enhanced to the zenith of the Cinematic art form by the stunningly divine union of Jeannine Oppewall's sublime production design to Robert Richardson's evocative cinematography, and editor Hank Corwin's flowingly assembled paramnesia accompanied by composer James Newton Howard's haunting musical resonance.

An astonishingly realized gem in every department. I cannot summon enough adjectives to do its brilliance justice. I think it's a perfect film --- a masterpiece -- criminally under-appreciated.

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Would love a listen,,, Thank you

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I do not understand why it was a box office failure. Possibly its unorthodox shifts in time that I understood and admired. As you stated, Richardson's cinematography is a thing of beauty. A score that grows in rapture to enhance a rain forest only to decay into utter silence as the dew drips from a fern's edge. The film's poignant sacrifice to past love as the credits roll and snow continues to fall in the darkness. The film is a feast for the heart, soul and eyes.

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Can I get this gem? Thank You!!!!

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Watch the movie! It 'enhances' this elegiac music featuring cello, full chorus, and an Asian mystique. I never fib. ;-)

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Hi Phideas1, please send link. Thanks in advance. Rated thread: excellent as always! ;-)

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Always wanted to listen to this one. Would really appreciate a link!

You could have easily rented the film. An easy way to solve your curiosity.

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I saw it in the theatre back then and loved it. I wasn't as much into film music as I am now, so I would be very interested in the link.

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Thanks for the link. And the bunny-like speed, of course :-) Fine music indeed.

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