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Sir Arnold Bax
The Happy Forest
Symphony No. 3

The London Symphony Orchestra
conducted by (Sir) Edward Downes

My transfer from vinyl. Scans included. FLAC at Maximum Compression.

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Happily, Bax's symphonies (of which there are seven, plus Symphony No. 0 which only existed in short score until 2012 when it was orchestrated by Martin Yates) have all been recorded - three complete cycles are currently in print and available - by Handley and Thomson, both on Chandos, and by Lloyd-Jones on Naxos. Numerous other recordings exist of the symphonies individually. Lyrita recorded five of the seven in highly regarded performances.

This recording, still unavailable on any format but vinyl, comes from a time when the Bax rediscovery was still in its infancy; in 1969 his reputation was still that of a curmudgeonly English throwback, a footnote in 20th century music who made no secret of his distaste for atonality. The sleeve notes on this recording, which openly apologise for perceived shortcomings in the work, are depressing, but a sign of the times. In 1969, Bax was a curiosity and nothing more.

Thankfully, time has been kind to Bax and his place amongst the great British symphonists of the 20th century has been assured. Despite its rarity, this recording is still frequently mentioned in any Bax traversal - whilst not always in entirely complimentary tones, it is generally recognised as containing moments of pure greatness and is therefore essential listening in any exploration of Bax's symphonies.

The recording quality is a little dry, but very listenable.

This transfer was made from a 1977 repressing on RCA Gold Seal. Records from this label are glorious; the pressings themselves are first rate, and the vinyl is whisper quiet. They are often available for less money than the original sixties pressings, and often in better condition. They come highly recommended.

I did virtually nothing here. Transferring near-mint vinyl on good quality equipment is always a pleasure.

Enjoy! :)

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Many thanks tangotreats for sharing Sir Arnold Bax - The Happy Forest / Sym. 3 - LSO / Downes ;-) Rated thread: excellent! ;-)

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Thank you tangotreats for this post. I always find your recordings first-rate and your commentaries colorful and informative.

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Roasted Swan
03-20-2019, 04:24 PM
I tried to download from the link above but it says the file has been removed. Any chance of reposting to another hosting site? I'd love to hear this LP again. I had this very same disc when it was a new release in '77 and haven't heard it for literally decades! Thanks in advance for any suggestions as to how/where to hear it again.