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The Chandos cycle under "house conductor" Bryden Thomson is one of the best (certainly
better than Slatkin, Andrew Davis, Kees Bakels & Richard Hickox), and on a par with Previn's. It is not
without the occasional dud (like the 6th and 8th symphonies), but many versions are among the very best
for each symphony, and the Chandos acoustics are perfect for this music. Also, many of Vaughan Williams's
most substantial works outside of the symphonies are included. Enjoy!

Ralph Vaughan Williams (1872-1958) left a varied oeuvre that includes orchestral works, songs,
operas, and various choral compositions. While primarily drawing on the rich tradition of English folksong
and hymnody, Vaughan Williams produced well-loved works that fit into larger European traditions and
gained worldwide popularity.

Vaughan Williams, who lost his father early in life, was cared for by his mother. Related, through his mother,
to both Charles Darwin and the Wedgwoods of pottery fame, he grew up without financial worries. He studied
history and music at Trinity College, Cambridge, and finished up at the Royal College of Music, where he
worked with Parry, Wood, and Stanford. In 1897, the year he married Adeline Fisher, Vaughan Williams
traveled to Berlin to study with Max Bruch, also seeking Maurice Ravel as a teacher several years later,
despite the fact that the French composer was three years his junior. In 1903, he started collecting
English folksongs; certain characteristics of English folk music, particularly its modal tonalities, in
many ways informed his approach to composition. Vaughan Williams further developed his style while
working as editor of the English Hymnal, which was completed in 1906. His work on the English
Hymnal went beyond editing, for he contributed several new hymn tunes, most notably the Sine nomine,
the tune for the hymn For All the Saints. The composer's interest in and knowledge of traditional
English music is reflected in his song cycle On Wenlock Edge (1909), based on selections from
A.E. Housman's immensely popular volume of poetry A Shropshire Lad. In his Fantasia on a Theme of
Thomas Tallis, composed in 1910, Vaughan Williams introduced antiphonal effects within the context
of modal tonality, juxtaposing consonant, but unrelated, triads. Composed in 1914, his Symphony No. 2,
"A London Symphony" brings to life, with great charm, the sounds of London from dawn to dusk.
That year, Vaughan Williams also wrote his pastoral The Lark Ascending, for violin and orchestra.
When World War I broke out, the 41-year-old composer enlisted as an orderly in the medical corps,
becoming famous for organizing choral singing and other entertainment in the trenches. He was
commissioned from the ranks, ending his war service as an artillery officer. The war interrupted the
composer's work but did not, it seems, disrupt the inner continuity of his creative development.
The Symphony No. 3 ("Pastoral"), composed in 1922, conjures up a familiar world, effectively
incorporating folksong motives into sonorities created by sequential chords. While critics detected
pessimistic moods and themes in the later symphonies, ascribing a shift to a darker vision to the
composer's alleged general pessimism about the world, Vaughan Williams refused to attach any
programmatic content to these works. However, the composer created a convincing musical description
of a desolate world in his Symphony No. 7 "Sinfonia Antarctica" (1952), which was inspired by the
request to write the music for the film Scott of the Antarctic. In addition to his symphonies,
Vaughan Williams composed highly acclaimed religious music, as well as works inspired by English
spiritual literature, culminating in his 1951 opera The Pilgrim's Progress, based on the spiritual
classic by John Bunyan. An artist of extraordinary creative energy, Vaughan Williams continued
composing with undiminished powers until his death at 87.

Also included in this cycle are:

Piano Concerto
The Lark Ascending
Concerto Accademico
Towards the Unknown Region
Concerto Grosso
Oboe Concerto
Tuba Concerto
Two Hymn-Tune Preludes
Partita for Double String Orchestra
Fantasia on Greensleeves

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Music Composed by
Ralph Vaughan Williams

Played by the
London Symphony Orchestra

With the
London Symphony Chorus

Yvonne Kenny (soprano)
Brian Rayner-Cook (baritone)
David Theodore (oboe)
Kenneth Sillito (violin)
Michael Davis (violin)
Patrick Harrild (tuba)
Catherine Bott (soprano)
Howard Shelley (piano)

Conducted by
Bryden Thomson

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"During his extensive conducting career spanning nearly five decades, Bryden 'Jack' Thomson (1928-1991)
was recognized as a leading interpreter of music from the British Isles. His legacy includes nearly fifty recordings
made for the Chandos label, including pioneering recordings of both William Walton's Symphony No. 2 and the
Complete Symphonies by Sir Arnold Bax.

Born in Ayr, Scotland in 1928, Thomson began his studies at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music in Glasgow.
In an effort to further his education, he traveled to Germany and Austria; first to the Staatliche Hochschule für
Musik in Hamburg, where he studied with Hans Schmidt-Isserstedt beginning in 1954, and later to the Salzburg
Mozarteum where he worked with conducting virtuoso Igor Markevitch.

Upon his return to home in 1958, Thomson received his first major appointment with the BBC Scottish Symphony
Orchestra, where he served as the assistant conductor to music director Ian Whyte. As fate would have it, Whyte
became stricken with a terminal illness and was forced to delegate a number of performances to Thomson, who
commanded great praise from musicians, audiences, and critics alike. Within months of these successful concerts,
Thomson's guest conducting appearances grew more and more frequent, with orchestras both at home and abroad,
including Canada, Scandinavia, and South Africa. He left the Scottish Symphony in 1962, in order to focus on his
guest conducting. He was appointed as the associate conductor of the Scottish National Orchestra in 1966.

In 1968, only two years after his first major music director appointment, Thomson became the music director of
the BBC Northern Symphony Orchestra in Manchester (since 1982 this orchestra has been known as the BBC
Philharmonic). He also assumed the post of music director with the Ulster Orchestra in Belfast, Ireland, which
he held until 1985.

From 1970 to 1988, Thomson recorded nearly fifty compact discs for Chandos records, most of which feature
composers from the British Isles, although his notable affinity for Nielsen and Martinu spawned several fine
recordings of works by these composers. In addition to his set of Bax symphonies, Thomson also recorded the
Symphony cycles of Martinu, Elgar and Vaughan Williams, in addition to a number of works by lesser-known

In 1988, Thomson returned to the (now Royal) Scottish National Orchestra, where he was invited to succeed
Neeme Järvi as music director. Always active as a commissioner of new works, Thomson commissioned fellow
Scottish composer John Maxwell Geddes for his Symphony No. 2. Unfortunately, Thomson died before the work
could be completed. Once finished, Geddes added the subtitle 'In memoriam Bryden Thomson'."

Source: Chandos Records CDs (My rips!)
Quality: FLAC 16-44 files (each disc incl. cover & booklet)
File Sizes: 290 MB / 259 MB / 223 MB / 219 MB / 228 MB / 190 MB / 232 MB / 281 MB / 221 MB
Total Size: 2.1 GB

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Please request the FLAC links (including the covers
and individual booklets, plus the box booklet) in this thread. PMs will be ignored!
These are my own rips. Please do not share my material further, also please
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