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Track list
Disc 01
01. "Prelude"
02. "To living - Let's drink (1. Akt)"
03. "My friends, I'm very grateful"
04. "Just as the gentle rain from Heav'n"
05. "We must save her"
06. "In our exile, in our sorrow"
07. "Darkness has fallen, and Silva's not returned yet!"
08. "Ernani! Ernani, rescue me"
09. "All Spanish girls will envy you"
10. "How sweet of you to share with me"
11. "I despise all that I'm offered"
12. "I wish to see her directly"
13. "Since the day when first I saw you"
14. "Do not argue - You'll be mine"
15. "You're Ernani! At once I despise you"
16. "How could this happen?"
17. "I've been cheated, for I believed her"
18. "My name has been dishonoured"
19. "As long as I can hold a sword"
20. "Outside, now!"
21. "Look at how that good old soldier"
22. "Ah! Forgive me sire, I beg you"
23. "Let's enjoy this, and give in to pleasure (2. Akt)"
24. "Jago, admit the pilgrim here directly"
25. "More gold than you could desire is yours"
26. "Within this fortress every guest"
27. "Such treachery!"
28. "You've betrayed me"
29. "No, my vengeance won't be hurried"
Disc 02
01. "Dear Cousin, why so defensive?"
02. "We'll discover, reckless gambler"
03. "We've gone all over the fortress"
04. "Come with me an let me spoil you"
05. "Even if Heaven watches over you"
06. "Bring your horses and fetch all your weapons"
07. "Your're sure they'll meet here? (3. Akt)"
08. "Great Heavens"
09. "When I was young and trusting"
10. "Ad Augusta"
11. "We're brothers! - Let the Lion of Castile awaken"
12. "What is happening?"
13. "Charlemagne inspire me"
14. "How happy together are both wife and husband (4. Akt)"
15. "Now all is quiet"
16. "I've suffered, alone in misery"
17. "Elvira! Elvira!"

Performer: Susan Patterson (Soprano), Helen Williams (Soprano), Julian Gavin (Tenor),
Peter Wedd (Tenor), Alan Opie (Baritone), Peter [bass voice] Rose (Bass),
Paul Hodges (Bass)
Conductor: David Parry
Orchestra/Ensemble: English National Opera Orchestra, English National Opera Chorus
Period: Romantic
Written: 1844; Italy
Date of Recording: 07/2000
Venue: Blackheath Halls, London, England
Length: 132 Minutes 1 Secs.
Language: English


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