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This is not my upload. I uploaded it some three years ago but I don’t remember from where. Anyway, this is a transfer of a 1987 LP in which Antón García Abril (of the “Blind Dead” series and Monsignor Quixote) conducted excerpts from the film music of the esteemed concert-hall composer Joaquín Turina Pérez (1882-1949). As with the Guridi-Bernaola recording I posted elsewhere here, this was the joint creation of the Luis Cernuda Foundation, the Provincial Council of Seville and the famous recording producer Antonio Armet.

Turina’s disciple Carmen Fernández collaborated on the orchestration of Primavera sevillana. In the other four scores, Turina’s collaborator was another disciple of his, Jesús García Leoz (1904-1953), a Navarrese composer who was himself a distinguished musician, both in film and the concert hall.

1. El abanderado (1943)
2. Eugenia de Montijo (1944)
3. Luis Candelas, el ladrón de Madrid (1947)
4. Una noche en blanco (1949)
5. Primavera sevillana (documentary short) (1943)

Madrid Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Antón García Abril
Alicia Armentia (soprano)
Sebastián Mariné (piano)
Recorded live at the Álvarez Quintero Theater in Seville on the 10th and 15th November 1986, during the I International Meeting on Film Music.

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