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07-28-2016, 12:20 PM
Beyond Rangoon is a 1995 drama film directed by John Boorman about Laura Bowman (played by Patricia Arquette), an American tourist who vacations in Burma (Myanmar) in 1988, the year in which the 8888 Uprising takes place. The film was mostly filmed in Malaysia, and, though a work of fiction, was inspired by real people and real events.

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Waters of Irrawaddy - 3:48
Memories of the Dead - 1:45
I Dreamt I Woke up - 8:41
Freedom from Fear - 1:06
Brother Morphine - 1:49
Our Ways Will Part - 7:11
Village Under Siege - 4:10
Beyond Rangoon - 10:09

This it not my Rip, I found it on the Web. If you want the link, please PM me. With my other shares I noticed, that a lot of you don't say "Thank you" or give reputation points. I think this is silly, because it is the easiest thing in the world! To all others: Enjoy this great soundtrack!

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