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Title: Richard Wagner- Symphonies in E-Major & C-Major [FLAC][/B]
Composer: Richard Wagner
Release Date: 1993 (Recorded July, 1992)
Label: DENON
Catalog No.: CO 75259
Number of tracks: 6
Format: FLAC
Duration: 00:57:15
File Size: 305 MB


Everyone knows Wilhelm Richard Wagner for his Music Dramas! Not many people know that he wrote two symphonies. Wagner wrote the symphonies when he was just nineteen. The one in E Major was discontinued after he completed two movements. Joachim Raff compiled the lost score of this symphony and scant performances remain though. There are not many recordings available.

Wagner composed his C Major Symphony in a space of just six weeks in 1832. There is much influence of Beethoven from the seventh symphony period. The skillful contrapuntal techniques used by Wagner are remarkable at such an early age.
The first movement is in sonata form. There is an establishment of a basic motif. you will find strains of it in the Prelude to Das Rheingold. The second movement shifts to A Minor. It is in ABBA plus coda form. The movement begins with the motif from the coda of the first movement. Wagner has established an organic relationship between the movements. The scherzo is clear with a formal structure. The coda once again will remind of Beethoven. The Finale Allegro Molto e Vivace is again in the sonata form and here Wagner accelerates the tempo halfway through the coda at good speed.

This symphony has remained idle for long and music conductors have been negligent towards it.

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1 Symphony In E Major, WWV 35: I. Allegro Con Spirito 14:24

2 Symphony In E Major, WWV 35: II. Adagio Cantabile 4:44

3 Symphony In C Major, WWV 29: I. Sostenuto e Maestoso - Allegro Con Brio 14:10

4 Symphony In C Major, WWV 29: II. Andante Ma Non Troppo, un Poso Maestoso 11:18

5 Symphony In C Major, WWV 29: III. Allegro Assai 6:10

6 Symphony In C Major, WWV 29: IV. Allegro Molto e Vivace 6:28

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