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UDON (Movie) Original Soundtrack

Country: Japan

Record Label: Toshiba EMI
Running Time: 67:25
Discs: 1
Release: 2006
CD Number: TOCT-26062

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This is the original soundtrack to the 2006 comedy Udon by composer Toshiyuki Watanabe. The score is a bit off beat, mixing 19th century classical music with original compositions, but the soundtrack as a whole is good even taking into account a rather sporadic tone.

The themes for Udon are a mix of original music and motifs from French composer Georges Bizet's opera "Carmen". Mixing classical work within a score can be nice, such as Maurice Ravel's "Bolero" in the Negotiator: Mashita Masayoshi (2005), but its odd to see it make up the "Main Title" here and be featured so prominently. Regardless, despite the oddity of having the center piece theme be an existing classical tune, the mixture works with tracks like "Irresponsible Man of the Heisei Era" and "Udon Adventure" being very nice infusions with Bizet's themes.

1 I Love NY
2 Udon Main Title ☆ By: Georges Bizet
3 Dreadful Sanuki Udon
4 Irresponsible Man of the Heisei Era ☆ By: Georges Bizet
5 Older Sister's Gentleness
6 Goddess of No Direction
7 Infestation Warning!
8 Eating Outside on a Fine Day
9 Mentsu-dan
10 Son and Father -Memory-
11 Udon Adventure ☆ By: Georges Bizet
12 Boom Coming
13 A.D. 21XX Sanuki
14 Noodle Power! - Captain Noodle Visits
15 Elder Sister's Desire
16 A Full Greeting
17 Our Dreams
18 Banzai ~ Pleasant Fondness
19 The End of the Festival
20 What My Father Left Behind
21 Symphonic Poem for Noodles and Dashi
22 Fate of Food Sampling
23 Son and Father -Conversation-
24 An Udon Induced Smile
25 That Miracles Exist
26 Ending ☆ By: Georges Bizet

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