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05-13-2016, 11:17 PM
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Whale Rider - Lisa Gerrard (OST)

Album Title: "Whale Rider"
Performers: Lisa Gerrard
Album Release Date: 2003
Label: 4AD
Archive Size: 226.7 Mb
Number of Tracks: 15
Running Time : 41:24


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"Music has the power to take you to the other world to the other time. It can make you cry and make you smile and you don't know why.
The beauty of it is that the music is powered by your imagination and you start to see with your eyes closed. All of this is more than true
with Lisa Gerrard's beautiful and emotional score to the Whale Rider.

Whale Rider is not another Gladiator in any way. Gerrard's vocals are not as present here as they were in Gladiator.
Her voice can be heard only a couple of times and even then her vocals are not the main instrument. They are used only on the background.
This score doesn't include any 'wagnerian' type of recognizable themes like Gladiator did and most of the scores nowadays.
This score doesn't include any "hit tracks" either like for example "Now We Are Free" in Gladiator.
Whale Rider is pure mood. It is a symphony of ambient. It is like the ocean it moves and changes without any predictions.

The Whale Rider score needs the movie to work properly with the story actors and landscapes creating the emotions.
Of course the score music always works best with the movie. These two elements needs each other and the music is made to elevate the film.
However I think the score for Whale Rider works also on its own. I can say this because I haven't seen the movie yet. I know so little about it.
But the funny thing is that after listening to Lisa Gerrard's score for a while I suddenly started to see the story.
I started to feel the atmosphere and sense the mood of the story."

By 'Janne Heinonen'

05-14-2016, 12:31 AM
Curious score.
Thanks for the upload!

09-14-2016, 05:50 AM
link received, thanks Mike!

08-24-2019, 01:46 PM
thanks for share the music... can send me the link?