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The Transformers® - The Movie - 20th Anniversary Edition (OST)

Album Title: The Transformers®: The Movie - 20th Anniversary Edition
Label: Sony Legacy
Performers: Vince Dicola + Various Artists
Album release date: 2007
Total Duration: 54:47
Number of Tracks: 14

Lossless Audio Format: FLAC - Archive size: 404.9 Mb


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Additional Info.

From the edgy, percussive "Instruments of Destruction," to frenetic "Escape," to the intense, driving "Nothing's Gonna Stand in Our Way,"
The Transformers The Movie soundtrack has a popularity of its own that has far surpassed the animated series that it was written for.
The music is definitely loud lively, and strong. If listeners want an album to keep them awake during long-distance driving, this one will surely do it.
Crank up the volume and take to the interstate. This is also a genre classic album for science fiction and fantasy fans.

Even those who are not into the '80s animation of The Transformers series may find themselves surprised by how well they like the music
which has an enduring track record for sci-fi convention dances. Particularly popular in its amiably rapid-fire, goofy way is the closing track, "Dare to Be Stupid,"
performed by the master of dementia, "Weird Al" Yankovich. This album deserves its survivor-standing among soundtracks, and is definitely recommended for
science fiction and action music fans.

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