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Kulta: The Adventure of a Golden Dog ~ Michiru Oshima (lossless/flac)

This 1995 Japan-Australia co-production follows a cute golden retriever puppy who jumps into a basket held aloft by balloons and drifts into the Outback where he enlists the help of a parakeet to teach him how to survive. After a series of playful and risky adventures, Kulta gets homesick and begins the long walk home. As you'd expect, the music is happy and heart-warming, although some tracks hint at the danger Kulta also encounters. The triumphant music that closes the score lets you know Kulta makes it home safely.
All music composed and arranged by Oshima except for 3 funky instrumentals credited to a group called Piranianzu. There are also 2 vocals (including a sappy version of "We'll Sing in the Sunshine.")
Since the animals are all voiced by English-speaking actors, the film could easily be released in other countries too. It appeared in the US in 1997 where it was re-named "Napoleon" and given a new score by Bill Conti.

23 tracks on Pony Canyon CD# PCCA 00720. Released in 1995.
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thank you

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Simply stupefying that they'd replace this music with Bill Conti. This may be on its way to being my favourite Oshima. It's so well orchestrated - even by Oshima's standards. It's not a gigantic ensemble, but every single player is given a workout... and the recording is gorgeous. "The Neverending Earth" for example... Oshima takes her delicious technique of a high melody contrasting with a lilting bass accompaniment (ba BA, ba BA, ba BA), but turns it into a triumphant brassy cue. It's not even a minute long, but look at what you get... A mood-ambiguous beginning that gradually shifts to major, a "only Oshima writes themes like this" theme for strings and brass in a "question-answer" format, with timpani and clashing cymbals (Oshima, to my knowledge, has only ever used a cymbal clash twice or perhaps thrice in her whole career - usually she will use a swell with a timpani roll (as in track 2 at 1:23) or a softer hit with a soft stick, but here we've got a rare example of traditional clashes) a modulation and strings take over the melody, brass re-enter lower in their register for the close, and we end with a calm, descending phrase for strings and horns. In barely fifty seconds of music.

In Paradise, we have a lovely impressionistic piece - again, barely over a minute but glittering Debussy-esque French orchestration, a gorgeous melody in soprano vocalise, first closed-mouth and then at the climax open-mouthed.

The main theme is used, but not too much.

The whole thing is just gorgeous. Unmistakeable Oshima melodies, check. Action, check. Mystery, check. Triumph, check. Insanely detailed orchestration, check. Coherence, check.

Thank you so much. :)

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Ah, the gift that keeps on giving. Thank you!

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Ah, that theme in "Neverending Earth" makes a cameo in ARC THE LAD as well!

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Thanks for the share! Yepsa, your shares are almost always first on my list to listen to, especially Oshima! Throw a great comment about the score by tangotreats...even more so!

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Ah, the gift that keeps on giving. Thank you!

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Ah, that theme in "Neverending Earth" makes a cameo in ARC THE LAD as well!

Aaargh, so that's where I heard it before! It was familiar to me, I just couldn't place it... I was thinking one of her documentary scores; Planet Of Life or Data Map... but there it is with some slight changes to rhythm as "From The Beginning"! It gets a much broader, more involved outing there... maybe Oshima liked it so much that she recycled it in Arc so she could record it again a few years later with a bigger orchestra. It must drive you nuts when that "great theme" inspiration hits and your current project has a crappy orchestra. A few years later you've got the Warsaw Philharmonic sitting there... you can hardly blame composers for slipping a bit of vanity in there from time to time.

Throw a great comment about the score by tangotreats...even more so!

I'm humbled, thank you. :)

All I usually get are PMs from people who want to cut my cock off because I don't like Hans Zimmer!

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Many thanks!

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Thank you.

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Thank you very much, this one is a real gem.

Very much in agreement with Tango, this is a brilliant Oshima score and way up there in my stupendously large and evergrowing Oshima folder. Even more outstanding if you consider that this was early in her career and already timeless gold... how I love this woman!

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Thank you share!


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She was bloody 34 when she wrote this, which is barely out of the womb as far as composers are concerned... but this is not amateurish, nor stylistically uncertain... It's Oshima, mature, melodic, in full command of her ensemble. Twenty years on, she's in her mid fifties and whilst her style has not remained static, her current technique really underlines just how in control she's been, even at the start.

Then again, we know she's been regularly composing since the 1970s... see this early Oshima - she was JUST SEVENTEEN when she wrote her piece on this album... and Herr Salat did actually send me another LP with an even earlier work of Oshima's, which I totally forgot to transfer! I will rectify that in the next week! :D (So sorry, mate...)

Oshima in 1978 - [Only registered and activated users can see links]

Edit: Here's a very, very rare picture of Oshima aged 16:

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Here is the earliest known recorded composition of Michiru Oshima. This is an all-electronic piece, performed by Oshima herself, called "Gloria". It won her an Outstanding Performance Award at the 1977 International Electone Festival, at the age of 16. (There's more by Oshima on the LP [thanks Herr Salat!!!!] but I wanted to get this out there now to give you a taste.)

I don't think there's MUCH, if any, of what we now know is Oshima's style on display here... her later piece from 1978 is a little more individual... whilst she hasn't found her compositional voice by this point, it's nonetheless professional and exceptionally well done. There's more Tchaikovsky in there than Oshima... particularly Symphony No. 5!

Oshima, listed as "Senior High School Student", was given in English:

(Michiru Oshima) has been playing Electone for 10 years. Presently in an advanced Electone course in the Yamaha Music School. Travelled to France in 1976 with the JOC and received much praise. Her hobbies are participating in the tea ceremony and typing. "Gloria" is an expression of the joy resulting from the human effort to rise above suffering and sadness.

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As if the cover wasn't enough to get someone to download this, I mean seriously most scores with cute puppies on the front are delightful, Tango has completely persuaded me to do so. Looking forward to exploring this!

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Thank you

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The paws, a nose, and a tail on the Kanji of the title just me you over the edge... ;)

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Oh, man... totally missed this one. Is there a chance of a re-up? Please???


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2nd request - Could I get a link?

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please re-upload this album in flac
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Masterpiece ^^. Thank you.

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