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01-29-2016, 03:29 PM
Hey guys. I'm back and I am sooo behind on projects that all anniversaries I planned to release in 2015 will be released as anniversaries this year, hopefully before their respective release date ... and if you don't like that then you can suck my buns :)
This is a new 2 disc expansion. Containing just about all theatrical cues including endings from the original 1985 movie, one cue missing unfortunately. The official album is presented on disc 2 with a special 'suite' previously seen on my 'Blonde Box' album, released Christmas 2013

oooo ... I just noticed I left a few notes on tracks such as 'mv', pay them no mind.

CD 1 Movie Verson Tracklist
01 Paramount Logo / Main Title / Trees To Dogs
02 The Cook
03 Col Mustard
04 Mrs. White
05 Miss Scarlet
06 Car In Progress
07 Mr. Boddy
08 I Suggest We All Leave
09 Bag In Hall
10 Hallway Screaming Next Door
11 The Cook Chase
12 Boddy's Fall
13 Stranger At The Door
14 People In The Hall
15 Searching The House I: The Cellar
16 Searching The House II: Wadsworth & White
17 Searching The House III: Scarlet & Mustard
18 Searching The House IV: Billiard Room
19 Searching The House V: Moving Forward
20 Searching The House VI: 'Are You Hiding?'
21 The Music Room
22 Burning The Evidence
23 The Green House
24 The Secret Passage
25 Door Pounding
26 Chandelier Fall
27 Gun, Cupboard, Doorbell / Cop Panics
28 Sh-boom *
29 Lights Out
30 Step By Step
31 Misfire
32 The Dagger's Role
33 Used The Secret Passage
34 Accomplices
36 Green For Boddy
37 'And Threw Him In The Toilet'
38 Any Of Us Could Have
39 Destroyed Evidence, Opened Cupboard, Doorbell
40 The Cop, Split Up, Lights Out Again
41 Ending A: Yvette
42 Ending A: Candlestick In The Hall
43 Ending A: Was It ... Or ... Maybe ...?
44 Ending A: Explanation
45 Ending A: 'Frankly, Scarlet, I Don't Give A Damn'
46 That's How It Could Have Happened
47 Ending B: Fatal Mistake
48 Ending B: Plucked Peacock
49 Here's What Really Happened
50 Ending C: The Motorist & Yvette
51 Ending C: The Cop
52 Ending C: No Evidence
53 Ending C: Cavalry
54 Shake, Rattle & Roll +
55 Original Trailer

All tracks except T28, T54 & T55 by John Morris
* Performed by The Crew Cuts
+ Performed by Bill Haley & His Comets

Track Time: 41:20
MP3 320 kbps

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Thank you very much!

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Muchas Gracias, blonde180246!!!... :)

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thanks a lot

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fantastic work, thanks so much! :3

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Ah man I missed this. Blondie, any chance you can re-up or send to me? xx

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I would be grateful for a reup as well. This score has always eluded my attempts to find it.

Yaeko Mitamura
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OMG! Yes please. A re-upload would be amazing!

~ Happy New Year everyone! ~