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09-23-2015, 03:18 PM
This promo from the Zomba Agency features a variety of music written by Michael Tavera (feature film, straight-to-video, TV). The collection is dedicated to Gary Marsh----President of the Disney Channel----so perhaps the movies represented here were Disney-produced or appeared on the Disney Channel. Most, like Special Delivery, Rocketman, and Honey We Shrunk Ourselves date from the late 90s. And since none of this music was commercially released, this collection is a good introduction to the kind of “light” music Tavera is known for. There is no detailed track list other than what's shown on the front cover.

17 tracks totaling just over 29 minutes.
Great stereo sound. No dialog or sfx.
Tau and EAC indicated all tracks on this disc to be lossless.
Disc was ripped to FLAC using XLD.

LINK is in spoiler...

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Password: crybaby

LINK: [Only registered and activated users can see links] This PROMO disc contains unreleased music. As of the upload date it had not been registered with the US Copyright Office. However, anyone with sufficient cause can request I remove the link by contacting me by PM or by entering a reply. Thank you.

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Anyone have any idea of which track goes to which movie - is it a scrambled mix out of order or what....?
The music is interesting, and it would be great to know from which each and every track is.

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Many thanks yepsa for sharing unreleased promo film music by Michael Tavera's LIGHT ORCHESTRAL ASSORTMENT FOR GARY MARSH ;-) Rated thread: excellent as always! ;-)

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