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43 years ago the puppet sci-fantasy series Robbi, Tobbi und das Fliewatüüt first aired on German television.
An adventure starring Tobbi, a small boy and Robbi, the robot. Together they built a vehicle which can swim, fly and drive and takes them on their journey.

In 1972 the producers of the series used a break-through filming technique: A combination of back projection and puppet acting.
Today this series is regarded as a true classic of German TV-history. The highlight of the series is undoubtedly the music by composer Ingfried Hoffmann, Germany's best organ player in the 1970s. For Robbi, Tobbi und das Fliewatüüt he used contemporary
sounds like Beat, Funk, Jazz and Bossa Nova to create a unique and extraordinary soundtrack. Hoffmann is also very famous for
composing the music for other TV-series like Sesame Street and Hallo Spencer. This Soundtrack includes the complete original music by composer Ingfried Hoffmann, selected dialogues of the characters and a remix by The Frank Popp Ensemble.

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01 - Robbi Und Tobbi Ich Heiße.mp3
02 - Robbi, Tobbi Und Das Fliewatüüt.mp3
03 - Fwt 1.mp3
04 - Teleskoparm.mp3
05 - Robbi Und Tobbi Sitzt Du Sicher.mp3
06 - Guten Flug!.mp3
07 - Bossa Robbi.mp3
08 - Himbeersaft.mp3
09 - Nachts.mp3
10 - Tobbi Flie-Wa-Tüüt.mp3
11 - Schlafvorbereitung Im Leuchtturm.mp3
12 - Zwei Freunde.mp3
13 - Fridolin.mp3
14 - Nordpol.mp3
15 - Nu-Nu Und Na-Na.mp3
16 - Kartoffelschälmusik.mp3
17 - Plumpudding Castle.mp3
18 - Nessie.mp3
19 - Prüfung Bestanden.mp3
20 - Guten Flug! (Orgel).mp3
21 - Showdown.mp3
22 - Robbi Ich Danke Dir.mp3
23 - Robbi, Tobbi Und Das Fliewatüüt, Remix (Edit).mp3

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