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07-27-2015, 12:14 PM
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Please send me a PM if you are interested and I will reply with the link.

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FLAC and 320kbps files are available. Please specify which version you prefer in your request.

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Helen of Troy (Max Steiner) - FLAC and MP3~320kbps

High Res Scans included (complete track list inside booklet).

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The CD's are from my personal collection (EZ-CD Audio Ripper).


I personally scanned the CD's, the booklet and the insert.


You will receive the links including the soundtrack and the scans.

a) FLAC: 3 links (2 CD's and the scans)
b) MP3: 1 link including both CD's and the scans.

The files are available on MEGA.
The answer to your request includes a password to decrypt the files.

Size of the files (including the soundtracks and the scans):

- CD1: 238 Mo
- CD2: 256 Mo
- Scans:12 Mo

MP3 + Scans:
- 261 Mo

Total playing time:

- CD1: 51:43
- CD2: 56:47

Number of tracks: 10

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CD 1:

01. Max Steiner - Overture.
02. Max Steiner - Main Title - Troy - Cassandra's warning - Paris sails for Sparta - Storm at sea - Paris washed up on shore - Helen appears!.
03. Max Steiner - Helen talks to the soldiers - The sea has damaged your appearance - The magic at the moon.
04. Max Steiner - The cestine - Paris fights - Helen, wife of Menelaus - Helen's room - Menelaus enters - Call me husband - Paris escapes from the palace.
05. Max Steiner - Escape on the cliffs - Love scene - Paris and Helen jump into the sea.
06. Max Steiner - Spartan orgy - Helen gone! - Menelaus breaks into Helen's room - Paris and Helen sail for Troy - Welcome to Try - Helen of Troy -.

CD 2:

01. Max Steiner - Preparations for war - The god of war - The Face that lunched a thousand ships - Prelude to battle - The first battle - Polydouris' funeral.
02. Max Steiner - Night raids - Helen and Paris beside the pool - Helen decides to return to the Greeks - Paris dreams greek deception - Paris Rescues Helen.
03. Max Steiner - Achille battles Hector - Death of Hector - Death of Achilles - The Greeks leave Troy - The wooden horse.
04. Max Steiner - The final battle - Death of Paris - Finale.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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Could you send link to me with a mp3 version? I can't send a PM (i don't know why).

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Could you send link to me with a mp3 version? I can't send a PM (i don't know why).

you have to make a few more replies on some different threads, than you can send me a "private message". I think 2 or 3 more random replies should be sufficient. As soon as I receive your p.m., you'll get the link! (you can test it by left-clicking on my name. You should see "private message", which you have to click). Actually, I am also unable to send you a private message.

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Could you send link to me with a mp3 version? I can't send a PM (i don't know why).

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