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04-08-2015, 09:14 AM
Title: Breaking Bad (End Credits)
Artists: Dave Porter & Various Artists
Year: 2015
Bit Rate & Format: 320kbps MP3
Size: 81 MB
Tracks: 56

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I ripped all 30-second cues playing during the end credits of Breaking Bad, most of them created by Dave Porter. The episodes which have songs in the end credits are not included in this collection.

1x03 ...And The Bag's In The River
1x05 Gray Matter

2x01 Seven Thirty-Seven
2x02 Grilled
2x03 Bit By A Dead Bee
2x04 Down
2x05 Breakage
2x06 Peekaboo
2x07 Negro Y Azul
2x08 Better Call Saul
2x10 Over
2x11 Mandala
2x12 Phoenix
2x13 ABQ

3x01 No Más
3x02 Caballo Sin Nombre
3x03 I.F.T.
3x04 Green Light
3x05 Más
3x06 Sunset
3x07 One Minute
3x08 I See You
3x09 Kafkaesque
3x10 Fly
3x11 Abiquiú
3x12 Half Measures
3x13 Full Measure

4x01 Box Cutter
4x02 Thirty-Eight Snub
4x03 Open House
4x04 Bullet Points
4x05 Shotgun
4x06 Cornered
4x07 Problem Dog
4x08 Hermanos
4x09 Bug
4x10 Salud
4x11 Crawl Space
4x12 End Times
4x13 Face Off

5x01 Live Free Or Die
5x02 Madrigal
5x03 Hazard Pay
5x04 Fifty-One
5x05 Dead Freight
5x06 Buyout
5x07 Say My Name
5x08 Gliding Over All
5x09 Blood Money
5x10 Buried
5x11 Confessions
5x12 Rabid Dog
5x13 To'hajiilee
5x14 Ozymandias
5x15 Granite State
5x16 Felina

Total Time: 29:23

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