View Full Version : Gameboy Advance Music with no hiss

01-12-2015, 03:14 AM
I'm looking for high-quality rips of GBA games with none of the hiss or crackle that usually accompanies songs from the GBA. There was a Mother 3 rip a while ago that I found was of excellent quality

"Using GBAmusRiper, forumgoer Tanks on Sonic Retro extracted the complete sound and music data from the MOTHER 3 ROM as MIDI files and a soundfont of all the game’s instruments. This results in better audio quality than playing the music through original game, via console, emulator, or GSF. I put together a package taking his rip (in which files were named the internal sound IDs), then sorted and named them using the information from Talec Arashi’s Tag+Time v0.9 GSF set."

Anything similar to that? Thank you!