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R.I.P. SIR GEORGE MARTIN (January 3, 1926 - March 8, 2016)

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For a start, no, the 2012 Blu-ray doesn't have an isolated score like the 1999 DVD. I used the same method of conversion from the Beetlejuice Blu-ray isolated score ([Only registered and activated users can see links]). The audio was in 5.1 Dolby Digital at 448kbps.

For those who don't know, George Martin was not only the Beatles producer, but also a composer. The film Yellow Submarine has Beatle songs (dah!) and a beautiful and underrated score that Martin composed and conducted. It was released on the B-side on the 1969 LP album of Yellow Submarine, and was actually a re-recording, not the original film recordings.

The film recordings are in mono. Since the audio was remixed for the 1999 release, the re-recording music from the 1969 album replaced, wherever possible, the original mono recordings. But it's not a problem at all, since it was done by skilfull editors. The only problem is that the mono audio shifts too much through the film, going from extreme low to extreme high at any given time. Nothing I could do about it.

I included, as a bonus, the tracks from the Yellow Submarine album as well. There's a 24bit version of this album, which was released in 2009 as a part of the Beatles' remastered discography in green apple-shaped flash drive. But the standard CD has such a well done dithered 24bit to 16bit audio that I decided to just upload the CD tracks.

I also did not include any Beatles song here, which are present in the isolated score of the DVD, because this is about the George Martin's score only. Finding Beatles songs is a no-brainer, anyway.


01 United Artists Logo
02 Pepperland
03 Blue Meanies' Attack
04 Lord Mayor's Quartet
05 ''Get help, young Fred''
06 Liverpool Sunrise
07 The Sub Stalks Ringo
08 ''Help, please, help''
09 Finding Paul
10 Ringo's House_Lennon Frankenstein
11 Blast Off
12 Time for Time
13 Sea of Monsters
14 Taking off_P is for Goodbye
15 Sea of Holes
16 Help has Arrived
17 Pepperland Laid Waste
18 Hiding Among Meanies
19 The Band's Stash_Meanie's Sudden Awake
20 Green Apple Bonking
21 Who is Blue
22 Bubble Band
23 Alter Ego Band
24 Brave Jeremy
25 ''Restoration'' End Credits (tracked from "Yellow Submarine in Pepperland")
26 (bonus) Pepperland
27 (bonus) Sea Of Time
28 (bonus) Sea Of Holes
29 (bonus) Sea Of Monsters
30 (bonus) March Of The Meanies
31 (bonus) Pepperland Laid Waste
32 (bonus) Yellow Submarine In Pepperland

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That's the downside of collecting MANY isolated scores in ONE thread, people just don't see them when they are posted. Like this one. Ripped and posted by me quite a while back. Great to see another take on this one though :) and as you can see, your work was appreciated ;)

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That's the downside of collecting MANY isolated scores in ONE thread, people just don't see them when they are posted. Like this one. Ripped and posted by me quite a while back. Great to see another take on this one though :) and as you can see, your work was appreciated ;)

My apologies, Cal. I really didn't realize you had previously shared this before in your excelent thread, otherwise I'd have quoted you here like I did on my Beetlejuice Blu-ray thread, where I specifically said I used your hard work as a guide for mine (like editing reference and track names).

But I must make it clear that I dutifully bought original physical copies of this DVD in 1999 and the Beetlejuice Blu-ray in 2008. So, unlike the most "beloved" member of ffshrine, tapoktro, I did nothing like stealing someone else post and claimed as mine. I ripped, converted, edited, named the tracks and uploaded it all by myself, so no harm done here... :)

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R.I.P. SIR GEORGE MARTIN (January 3, 1926 - March 8, 2016)

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