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12-03-2014, 02:53 PM

tehƧP@ƦKly†ANK™ -Ⅲ¼
12-03-2014, 03:21 PM
Haven't seen you post bluray rips before.

What was the software used?
And what bluray? BRips and other encodes are not likely to include the lossless DTS formats.
eac3to to remap to 5.1?

12-03-2014, 03:27 PM
Thanks :)

12-03-2014, 03:38 PM
What was the software used?
And what bluray? BRips and other encodes are not likely to include the lossless DTS formats.
eac3to to remap to 5.1?

dts-core -> mono wavs using eac3to
mono waves imported into audition to edited the credits with proper channel layout
export to 5.1 wav
5.1 wav transcoded to 5.1 flac

tehƧP@ƦKly†ANK™ -Ⅲ¼
12-03-2014, 03:41 PM

I've access to the original DTS-HD Master Audio in 7.1.
It would be easy to downmix to 5.1 and retain bit-for-bit accuracy.

Sounds like a BRrip. Most scenes/groups/releases on torrent sites and Direct Download Link (DDL/warez) sites use the core only.

12-03-2014, 04:07 PM
Yay. This is the track I've been waiting for ever since I saw the movie. It's the only track that has the main theme, as there are no main titles in the film. Thank you :)

12-03-2014, 04:56 PM
Awesome! Thank you so much for sharing!

tehƧP@ƦKly†ANK™ -Ⅲ¼
12-03-2014, 05:10 PM
I should be able to provide a true lossless upgrade to this today.
It's just taking an hour or so to download a remux.

12-03-2014, 06:32 PM

tehƧP@ƦKly†ANK™ -Ⅲ¼
12-03-2014, 10:15 PM
You're probably onto something using the lossy DTS core only.

2: DTS Master Audio, English, 7.1 (strange setup) channels, 24 bits, 48kHz, 1ms
(core: DTS-ES, 5.1 channels, 24 bits, 1509kbps, 48kHz)
CAUTION: Decoding this track with ArcSoft results in low volume. <WARNING>

The 7.1 track is most likely an upmix on the studio's part to try appeal to people with 7.1 surround sound systems.
I usually see this in old movies that originally mastered for 5.1 (throughout the entire production) that get re-released and "remastered" in 7.1.
Garbage matrixing, stupid studio mastering.

Using Sonic decoder to extract 5.1 (drops the surround sound channels -- which are probably just echoed).
<s>It's still bit-accurate (up to 5.1).</s>
EDIT: I was still converting it as I was typing this out.

"Strange setup" always turns out like crap and should only be converted to another "7.1 (strange setup)" format.
There's literally nothing that will fix it. Unless you're rich and buy the DTS SDK.
It doesn't help to convert to FLAC with MakeMKV either, since it's still a messed up track.

The core actually does sound better in this horrible mix.
Arcsoft and, suprisingly, Sonic have the altered volumes which produce unsatisfactory results.
The whole thing is warped with the two decoders.
The Arcsoft and Sonic decoded versions sound as if they were run through some horrible normalization where each note of bass flattens and jars the listening experience. It almost mutes the rest of the music were bass is concerned.

Sorry, but I'm opting to not upgrade this one as it's totally ruined from the beginning.
Stick with the lossy core.

And, I won't be providing anyone with a remux of the end credits either, as it won't do anyone any good in any software with any level of skills.
Neither Arcosft nor Sonic can decode it bit-accurately and just worsens the audio.

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dts-core -> mono wavs using eac3to
mono waves imported into audition to edited the credits with proper channel layout

Also, if you convert to wav with eac3to, you can import single WAV file in proper channel layout, as eac3to converts to proper channel layout (to WAV spec).

12-03-2014, 10:21 PM
I've noticed that the choir has a implemented mix on the back left and right channels, but if you play the music with the other channels, it's almost inaudible (which is strange, given how well Dennis Sands mixed the choir in Godzilla -except for the middle part of Back To Janjira and The Wave-). It's different from Shawn Murphy's mixes for JNH (and Peter Cobbin's mixes for Desplat's HP and The Golden Compass), the choir has a low volume even in the soft cues (mixed as a echo or reverb), where as this score has the voices mixed loudly, but it gets drown by the orchestra.

tehƧP@ƦKly†ANK™ -Ⅲ¼
12-03-2014, 10:26 PM
His choir is still noticeable.
If you mute in reverse order: SL+SR+LFE (useless in most scenarios) + C
and then slowly unmute each channel, you'll hear the difference when the surround channels are present with the choir.

tehƧP@ƦKly†ANK™ -Ⅲ¼
12-03-2014, 11:27 PM
Well, I decided to try run it through MakeMKV and let it transcode to FLAC.
Surprisingly, it doesn't crap out like Arcsoft or Sonic decoders.

So, here's the original 7.1 audio track in FLAC which doesn't so bad.
I didn't edit out the beginning sound that ends the movie.
There's reverb from the previous music cue that makes the movie fade to black (or cut to black, can't remember).

And then the end credits pick up from there.

I'll just leave this right here.

[Only registered and activated users can see links]!bYsz0DqA!VWd-0LjWMns7tDx4mu_-74vC1r1x5jFJ7EZG8-Reb2o


If the link goes down, I won't be re-upping this one.
I'm certain once someone edits it, that'll be the version you want re-upped in the future.

12-05-2014, 12:21 AM
thanks! wicked IS good!

12-05-2014, 01:00 AM
Thanks for the shares.

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01-27-2015, 09:58 PM
thanks, TheSparktank™ 2.1. yes, w.i.c.k.e.d. is good.

01-29-2015, 03:20 AM
Thanks ostgems for the op. And props to TheSparkTtank for his share.

10-08-2015, 04:22 PM
I know I'm late... Since Sparktank's link went down, and he didn't re-upped it on his End Credits thread (as much as I remember), does any of you know if someone re-uploaded the credits somewhere else? Or, can any of you re-up this one? I only managed to download the music from FORZA's YouTube video. I'd be extremely grateful for any information!

tehƧP@ƦKly†ANK™ -Ⅲ¼
10-08-2015, 04:34 PM
I'm not sure if I still have this... I will have to take a look for it...
Also since eac3to updated with dcadec, I might look for the audio stream to download from somewhere....

02-05-2016, 09:27 PM
Holy crap... there's no chance this is still around, is there?