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Doctor Who - Classic Music from the Tom Baker Era

This rare Silva Screen release from 1993 features music from the Tom Baker era (1975 series), composed by Dudley Simpson. Although the music is actually not the original but re-recorded by Heathcliff Blair, it is a damn fine attempt to capture the spirit and sound of the Fourth Doctor's golden era. Note that the final track called "The Doctor's Theme" is not the theme music to Doctor Who but is, in actual fact, a piece of music based on several cues from Fourth Doctor stories such as "The Sontaran Experiment". A surprisingly excellent release.

Doctor Who - Classic Music from the Tom Baker Era
Silva Screen

Dudley Simpson (Composer),
Heathcliff Blair (Performer/Arranger/Engineer)

1. Ark in Space: The Violation
2. Ark in Space: Cryogenic Sleepers
3. Ark in Space: Wirrn Attacks
4. Ark in Space: Noah's Humanity
5. Ark in Space: The Trap
6. Genesis of the Daleks: The Battlefield
7. Genesis of the Daleks: Futile Escape
8. Genesis of the Daleks: Sarah Pursued/The Prototype
9. Genesis of the Daleks: Genocide
10. Genesis of the Daleks: Davros's Megalomania
11. Genesis of the Daleks: Explosives and Detonators
12. Genesis of the Daleks: Good from Evil
13. Pyramids of Mars: Egyptian Expeditions/Tardis Attacked
14. Pyramids of Mars: Clements and the Mummies
15. Pyramids of Mars: Sutekh Descends
16. Pyramids of Mars: Cottage Under Siege
17. Pyramids of Mars: Sutekh's End - The Doctor Wins
18. Planet of Evil: Nightfall on Zeta Minor
19. Planet of Evil: The Thing in the Pit/The Big Fall
20. Planet of Evil: Anti-Man
21. Planet of Evil: Redemption
22. Brain of Morbius: The Doctor's Mickey Finn
23. Brain of Morbius: Portrait of Morbius
24. Brain of Morbius: The Sisterhood of Karn
25. Brain of Morbius: Condo's Death/Monster Rampage
26. Brain of Morbius: Cyanide
27. Brain of Morbius: The Mind-Bending Contest
28. Brain of Morbius: The End of Morbius
29. Brain of Morbius: Self-Sacrifice
30. The Doctor's Theme

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