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like in real life the guitar player world mainly consists of folks who do a lot of yelling to draw attention upon them and only a few who donīt have to,because they actually have something to say.ry cooder belongs into that second category.heīs a musicianīs musician,his reputation among peers by far exceeds the appreciation of the just-music-listening audience.
fingerstyle,slide guitar specialist,versatile on acoustic guitar as much as on electric,he has worked with,and inspired,musicians of many cultures and genres.
the soundtrack of the border,a 1982 movie featuring jack nicholson and harvey keitel,is one of many soundtracks ry cooder has produced.
the musical styles range from short,melancholic finger-style instrumentals with sparse additional instrumentation to solid texas rock.
for the harder pieces he had hired some of the specialists of that genre for support.flaco jiminez on accordion,sam īthe shamīsamudio on organ and jim dickinson on piano,jim keltner on drums and tim drummond on bass.

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