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06-27-2014, 12:18 PM
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West Side Story (1961) - OST - Leonard Bernstein - UA - FLAC

High Res Scans included.

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The CD is from my personal collection and the disc was ripped using EZ-CD Audio Ripper.

The scans:

I personally scanned the disc, the booklet and the inserts.

The link:

The link will be sent to you (including the score and the scans), the file is available on MEGA.
The answer to your request includes a password to decrypt the file.

The size of the file:

The score (CD) and scans: 444.4Mo

The number of tracks: 18

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01. Various Artists - Overture.
02. Various Artists - Prologue.
03. The Jets - Jet Song.
04. Jim Bryant - Something's Coming.
05. Various Artists - Dance At The Gym; Blues, Promenade, Mambo, Pas De Deux, Jump.
06. Jim Bryant - Maria.
07. George Chakiris - America.
08. Jim Bryant - Tonight.
09. The Jets - Gee, Officer Krupke.
10. Suzie Kaye - I Feel Pretty.
11. Jim Bryant - One Hand, One Heart.
12. Jim Bryant - Quintet.
13. Various Artists - The Rumble.
14. Jim Bryant - Somewhere.
15. The Jets - Cool.
16. Marni Nixon - A Boy Like That; I Have a Love.
17. Natalie Wood - Finale.
18. Various Artists - Orchestra End Credits.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


James (The Disney Guy)
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Link received with many thanks, Daniel.

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one of my favourite soundtracks ever!

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Link received. Thank you so much for sharing this classic musical album! :)

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That's one of the great ones. Thanks for sharing.

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Very nice of you to have replied to a question with this share, turner6. I've validated my copy with your rip and included your scans. Thank you.

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Thanks once again for another top soundtrack from the time of wonderful music, Daniel.

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