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Random Harvest (1942) - The Yearling (1946) - OST - Herbert Stothart - MGM - FLAC

High Res Scans included.

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The CD is from my personal collection and the disc was ripped using EZ-CD Audio Ripper.

The scans:

The scans are provided by another user from this forum.
Meanwhile, I wanted to change the pages in a specific order.

The link:

The link will be sent to you (including the score and the scans), the file is available on MEGA.
The answer to your request includes a password to decrypt the file.

The size of the file:

The score (CD) and scans: 291.1Mo

The number of tracks: 31

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01. Herbert Stothart - Opening Title & Asylum.
02. Herbert Stothart - Addenda To Her Decision.
03. Herbert Stothart - Little Marriage.
04. Herbert Stothart - Kitty Continued Kitty Grows Up.
05. Herbert Stothart - At The Savoy Dreams At The Savoy.
06. Herbert Stothart - Voice That Breathed O'er Eden Wedding Remembrance (O Perfect Love)Someone You Once Knew.
07. Herbert Stothart - Prime Minister Reception.
08. Herbert Stothart - Try To Remember Finale.
09. Herbert Stothart - Opening Title - Foreword April 1878.
10. Herbert Stothart - Addenda To Feelin' The Sun.
11. Herbert Stothart - Crippled Boy.
12. Herbert Stothart - Birds And Angels.
13. Herbert Stothart - A Farmer Comes To Town.
14. Herbert Stothart - What Happened To You.
15. Herbert Stothart - Material For A New Dress.
16. Herbert Stothart - Obliged To Make It.
17. Herbert Stothart - It's Me! Jody!.
18. Herbert Stothart - To Find A Name.
19. Herbert Stothart - Thy Will Be Done.
20. Herbert Stothart - The Sun.
21. Herbert Stothart - Little Farmer.
22. Herbert Stothart - Ma, I'm Hungry.
23. Herbert Stothart - Mother & End Title (Alternate Version)Addendum.
24. Herbert Stothart - Title Fanfare Opening Title (Instrumental)Foreword (Long Version).
25. Herbert Stothart - Fawn Ballet Chorus Addenda.
26. Herbert Stothart - Thy Will Be Done (Alternate Mix).
27. Herbert Stothart - Hungry (Insert -- Revised Vocal).
28. Herbert Stothart - Mother & End Title (Alternate Fragments).
29. Herbert Stothart - Opening Title & Asylum (Instrumental).
30. Herbert Stothart - Tobacco Shop Meeting Medley Leaving Biffers (Incomplete Mixes).
31. Herbert Stothart - She Is Ma Daisy (Source Music).

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