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06-03-2014, 04:43 AM
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06-03-2014, 05:04 AM
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A tracklisting so everyone can determine if this is something they already have would also be appreciated :)

06-03-2014, 05:16 AM
A track list would indeed be nice, but heck... even the simplest of information could be useful, like, what do you mean by "All Seasons"?

All seasons of the original? (Technically there could be considered to have been two, if you include Galactica 1980.) All seasons of the reimagining? All seasons of both? When a show has been done twice, under the same name, just saying "all seasons" is a bit vague.

And if it is the reimagining, technically "all seasons" could just be referring to seasons 1 - 4, which are all of the seasons. Does it include the miniseries? The TV movies? Are Caprica and / or Blood and Chrome included as well?

Finally, and this is where the track list could help, is this multiple albums, one (or more?) for each season? Or is it one album, a compilation album with a selection of tracks from each season?

Really, just titling a thread, "All Seasons" and throwing up a link without any elaboration is, especially in a franchise with the diversity of Battlestar Galactica, not telling us anything useful.

06-03-2014, 05:59 AM
Theres the 1978 TV show Galactica and the god awful Galactica 1980(for Sagan;s sake) But that's it really. Shame they refuse to make a continuation of Galactica.

06-03-2014, 06:03 AM
I'm downloading this just to find out what it is exactly. As soon as I have the information, I'll come back and let you know.

06-03-2014, 06:14 AM
...and the god awful Galactica 1980

Well, the episode "The Return of Starbuck" wasn't that bad... But I suppose saying a show has one or two good episodes is pretty damning praise for the show as a whole!

And I take it, from the tone of your comments, you're attempting to deny the very existence of the reimagined series? To be fair, not a continuation of the original in the slightest. (In fact, if one makes the stretch to try and say they happen in the same continuity, it is clear that the newer series would have to be a prequel.) If you didn't like the new version, fair enough. Me, I was determined to not like it, and my goal for watching it in the beginning was to see exactly how big a train wreck it would be. Then, much to my surprise, I found myself enjoying it. It isn't the same show, but it was a good show on its own merits.

(Same thing happened to me with The Sarah Connor Chronicles. "Terminator on television? I have to see how much that will suck! ... ... ... Oh, I guess it doesn't." That led me to actually be cautiously optimistic on the reimagining of V. "Well, last two times I thought a show bringing back a beloved franchise would suck, I was wrong. Maybe this will be good, too!" So sad I was so wrong...)

Anyway, as for a proper continuation of the original, maybe once it would have been possible. (Perhaps if Richard Hatch's "Second Coming" thing had worked.) But as time goes on, I think any hopes of that happening have passed. The only way that such a thing might happen now is if they make an assumption that the search for Earth may have taken generations, and we have enough of a time skip to have a whole new cast. A Battlestar: The Next Generation, if you will. And even then, I think the chances are next to none. We'll probably see another, and this time completely unnecessary, reboot first. ("All of this has happened before, and all of it will happen again," indeed.)

But this is all rather academic, and not relevant to the burning question of, "What music exactly do you get when clicking the mysterious link in the first post?"

06-03-2014, 06:20 AM
This is the music of the second series : the four seasons and the plan/razor

06-03-2014, 10:56 PM
Specifically it's a one gig folder containing these five albums:
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all dumped into a single directory.
Includes 250 x 250 covers embedded. Some meta data errors.

06-04-2014, 02:34 PM