View Full Version : Idea / suggestion for new section. Ripping audio from movies / OVAs that have no OST

03-11-2014, 07:14 PM

I think we shoukd make a section for this forum for
Ripping audio from movies / OVAs / anime that has
No soundtrack. I would especially like this section of
The Fourm because I really don't have the time or
Patience to try and successfully and properly rip
The audio from video they has no soundtrack.
I am too hyper and immature and busy to take the
Time to create a soundtrack for something that has
No soundtrack and share in the form of something
You can burn to a CDR. I think we should find
People who are actually good at doing something
Like that and if someone rips it I think it should
Be ripped as one large audio file that you can burn to
A CDR. I found a long time ago a large WAV or MP3
File for the anime ' Laputa Castle In The Sky ' that was
Just one file. ( it's one of the only CDs / albums I have
Ever seen like that ).

I know that a site member here named ' Orie ' ( I think
That's their name ) talks a lot about ripping music from
Things that have no soundtrack and I think they are a moderator.

If we can't make a new section for this then I think
We should at least make a thread / ( this one ) for this.

If someone would be kind enough to
Start ripping things I think it should
Be done in away it can be burned to CDR.

I would like to start the requests.

1. THE DARK MYTH. I find it weird there is no soundtrack for this because Kenji Kawai the person who works with Mamoru Oshii did the soundtrack. Someone please make / create a CDR of this music.

2. ANGEL COP. especially the ending song. I think that Angel Cop uses the same music as one of the DOOM Video games.

3. VIOLENCE JACK. Just for the fun of it whoever rips this you have to include the scene when they chainsaw the dues legs off.

4. BIOHUNTER. If anyone would be kind enough to do this please include the scene when the hot women with the glasses who works for a graphic design company gets. Umm attacked. It's pretty hot.

5. CRYING FREEMAN the six part series. ( I am not talking about the live action movie. It has one by Patrick Ohern.

6. Malice@Doll. ( I would also like to buy the bluray for this movie. And I mean really pay for it. But I am unsure if it even exists or not )

7. The Legend Of Lyon Flare. ( not the part two. Not the legend of REYON FLare. That does have a soundtrack )


9. GUY : AWAKENING OF THE DEVIL / DOUBLE TARGET. ( or whatever it's called )


Ok that's it fir now.

If anyone would be willing to do this I think it
Would just be with one file that is the exact
Right size of a CDR that you can burn with
NERO or multiple files in groups that
Are the size of a CDR. I am not that lazy
I will maybe try an rip some if these and
Share them but I am hoping that so once
With better computer skills and ripping
Skills aka the kind of person who has read
And memorized the entire glossary on
The website ' after dawn ' will reward this
And make them. I can try but I don't think
I would do a very good job.

If no one wants to rip these if someone
Could give me advice or instructions
On how to rip them I would appreciate
It. Should I just use COOL EDIT PRO
And then just cut and paste to remove
Dialog ?

Anyways let me know if anyone thinks
This is a good idea.


03-20-2014, 04:19 AM
There is no thread for this and likely won't be. Rips such as these are abundant in both the soundtrak and game download sections. Many, many rips. Go and have a look.