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Disc 1:

01. The M-G-M Studio Orchestra - Main Title (An American In Paris, 'S Wonderful, I Got Rhythm).
02. The M-G-M Studio Orchestra - Paris Narration Left Bank (Themes From An American In Paris).
03. Georges Guetary - Nice Work If You Can Get It (Outtake).
04. The M-G-M Studio Orchestra - Embraceable You.
05. Gene Kelly, Georges Guetary, Mac MacLain (for Oscar Levant), Grace Stark & Pete Roberts - By Strauss.
06. The M-G-M Studio Orchestra - Street Exhibit.
07. Gene Kelly & The M-G-M Children's Chorus - I Got Rhythm.
08. Benny Carter & His Orchestra - But Not For Me.
09. Benny Carter & His Orchestra - Medley Do, Do, Do Bidin' My Time I've Got A Crush On You Love Is Here To Stay.
10. Benny Carter & His Orchestra - Someone To Watch Over Me (Outtake).
11. Oscar Levant, Pianist - Medley My Cousin In Milwaukee A Foggy Day The Half-Of-It Dearie Blues But Not For Me (Outtake).
12. Gene Kelly & Oscar Levant - Tra-La-La.
13. The M-G-M Studio Orchestra - I'm No Enemy (Love Is Here To Stay) (Outtake).
14. Gene Kelly - Love Is Here To Stay.
15. Gene Kelly & The M-G-M Studio Orchestra - Medley What Time Is It Love Is Here To Stay (Reprise) (Outtake).
16. Georges Guetary - (I'll Build A) Stairway To Paradise.
17. Gene Kelly - I've Got A Crush On You (Outtake).
18. Georges Guetary With Oscar Levant, Pianist - Love Walked In (Outtake).
19. George & Ira Gershwin - Medley We Would Get Married (Love Walked In) (Outtake) I Don't Think I'll Fall In Love Today (Extended Version).
20. Oscar Levant, Pianist With The M-G-M Studio Orchestra - Concerto In F (3rd Movement).

Disc 2

01. MGM Studio Orchestra - Painting Montage Tra-La-LaLove Is Here to Stay.
02. MGM Studio Orchestra - Kiss Me.
03. Georges Guetary - 'S Wonderful.
04. MGM Studio Orchestra - Lise, I Love You ('s WonderfulLove Is Here to Stay).
05. MGM Studio Chorus - Strike up the Band.
06. Oscar Levant - Liza (All the Clouds'll Roll Away).
07. MGM Studio Orchestra - Medley Oh, Lady Be Good'S Wonderful.
08. MGM Studio Orchestra - Medley That Certain FeelingClap Yo' Hands.
09. MGM Studio Orchestra - I've Got a Crush on You [Outtake].
10. MGM Studio Orchestra - I Got Rhythm [Extended Version].
11. MGM Studio Orchestra - Tra-La-La [Outtake].
12. Georges Guetary - But Not for Me [Outtake].
13. MGM Studio Orchestra - Utrillo Did It Love Is Here to StayAn American in ParisNice Work I.
14. MGM Studio Orchestra - American in Paris [Ballet].
15. MGM Studio Orchestra - Finale (An American in Paris).
16. MGM Studio Orchestra - Painting Montage (An American in Paris) [Deleted Version].
17. MGM Studio Orchestra - Main Title An American in Paris [Alternate Version][Outtake].
18. Oscar Levant - Adam Cook Monologue (How Long Has This Been Going on) [Extended Versio.
19. Georges Guetary - Nice Work If You Can Get It.
20. Oscar Levant - Third Prelude [Outtake].
21. Oscar Levant - My Cousin in Milwaukee [Outtake].
22. Oscar Levant - A Foggy Day [Outtake].
23. Oscar Levant - The Half of It, Dearie, Blues [Outtake].
24. Oscar Levant - But Not for Me [Outtake].
25. Saul Chaplin - Bidin' My Time [Outtake].
26. Gene Kelly - 'S Wonderful (Reprise).
27. MGM Studio Orchestra - Finale [Alternate Version][Outtake].

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An American In Paris (1951) (1996) Soundtrack / Score 2CD > George Gershwin & VA
Link 224kbps: CONTACT ME --> [Only registered and activated users can see links]

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The soundtrack is now available in MP3 - 320 kbps and this is my own rip.
Scan is also included.

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