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02-21-2014, 04:23 PM
Steve Edwards
Feast 3: The Happy Finish

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42 tracks, TRT: 50:32, 320 MP3

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Track Listing:

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Note: this score, unlike the first 2, was an absolute NIGHTMARE to work on. I tried to keep each track as its own separate track ala the first 2 Feast scores but due to the presentation of the 3rd score's promo album, my usual suiting format was necessary for several instances of this score. There were also 5 stingers along with several repeated bits of music that have been removed. Everything that was salvagable is here and I did my absolute best to make this more listenable than it was and I think apart from a few cringe-worthy moments (NOT on my behalf), it came out okay.

To start off, the peaks were extremely HOT so using iZotope RX 3, I was able to successfully clean the peaks up for affected cues (too many to count) and removed any minor crackling that resulted. Every track needed a proper fade-in/out so all cues now have proper fade-ins/outs.

It is an absolute mystery to me why Steve Edwards would mail out a promo that is this atrocious in presentation after the decent presentation of the first 2. Not just because of the content but also because of the leveling. This score is mostly a re-hash of material from the first film (that I can point out specifically on the spot) with some new music recorded. Sometimes the new music is played solo, other times it is mixed in with Feast 1's score. Overall, apart from some messy cues it's an enjoyable listen. If you liked what LLLR did with their release of Manfredini's Friday the 13th Part 3 (including the repeated music from the first 2 films) then you will simply love this. Or not. I'm not one to say with any conviction.

Of the 63 source cues, I excised a total of 8 tracks. The missing cues either had no balance within the set (like the 5 quick 3 second shock-style stingers) or were merely straight-tracked music from Feast 1 that ended in awkward fade-outs or were just original cues looped in multiple places. You will still notice several instances of repeated music that is exclusive to Feast 3 but in most of those cases, I couldn't manipulate an artificial fade-out or mix the next track into it otherwise continuity was shot not to mention a new awkward transition was introduced so I opted to just leave those moments of repetition in.

My last gripe comes with how it ends. That's the problem, it just ends. There's no big end credits suite combining all the best elements of the 3, it's just the Feast 3 main title looped and shortened. Sorry about it not ending quite as excitingly as it is starts but unfortunately that's not my fault and even more unfortunately: I can't fix it.

For anyone wanting the source, don't ask me for it. Visit here instead: [Only registered and activated users can see links]!explorer?b=296534. Every nauseating second and untouched cue is available but not available for download unless you're so lucky enough to possess a membership at the site. Proceed at your own caution.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this happy finish! Dig in, FEAST!

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Hey! I recognize that pic. :) Nice work, btw.

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Thank you very much!

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Many thanks!