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(1995) CutThroat Island 2005 Prometheus Records 2CD release (FLAC) Scans Included

Composed and Conducted by John Debney

File Size: 731.29MB

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CD 1
1. Main Title Morgan's Ride
2. The Rescue Morgan Saves Harry
3. Purcell Snatcher
4. Shaw Is Caught
5. The Funeral
6. Morgan In Command
7. The Language Of Romance
8. A Lady Scorned
9. Carriage Chase
10. Ainclee Plots To Spittelfield
11. Uncle Mordechai
12. Morgan Captured Sword Fight
13. Escape From Mordechai's
14. Setting Sail
15. Charting The Course
16. First Kiss Love Scene Dawg'
17. Shaw Discovers The Location
18. Betrayal
19. The Storm Begins
20. To The Bottom Of The Sea
21. The Island
22. Shaw Steals The Map
23. Discovery Of The Cave
24. Discovery Of The Treasure

CD 2
1. Bonus Track The Wedding Waltz
2. Caught
3. The Rope
4. Morgan And Shaw Jump Off The CI
5. Shaw Captured
6. Morgan Takes The Ship
7. The Hangman's Noose
8. The Battle To Dawg's Ship
9. It's Only Gold End Credits
10. Bonus Track Main Title Morga
11. Bonus Track Carriage Chase
12. Bonus Track The First Kiss
13. Bonus Track Dawg's Demise
14. Bonus Track Morgan's Ride

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