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Yiannis Markopoulos - Lifetime (2011, FLAC)

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01. Haralampos Garganourakis - The words and the years (Ta logia ke ta hronia)
02. Haralampos Garganourakis & Tania Tsanaklidou - The flint-gun (To kariofili mana mou)
03. Lakis Halkias - I saw women (Ki ida ginekes)
04. Haralampos Garganourakis & Lakis Halkias & Tania Tsanaklidou - They conquered Anapli (Piran t' Anapli)
05. Haralampos Garganourakis - We've seen (Idame idame)
06. Haralampos Garganourakis & Lakis Halkias & Tania Tsanaklidou - Golden words (Malamatenia logia)
07. Lakis Halkias - At the fount and the river (Sti vrisi ke ton potamo)
08. Haralampos Garganourakis & Lakis Halkias - Prologue for Athanasios Diakos (Prologos gia ton Athanasio Diako)
09. Haralampos Garganourakis - The glory of people (Ti doxa ton anthropon)

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Legendary album of Yiannis Markopoulos, released in 1974, with 9 songs composed on the poetry of Manos Eleftheriou, a very important Greek poet. The influence of the cretan traditional music and dances, is obvious on Markopoulos' compositions. Track no 6, "Golden words" (Malamatenia logia) is considered as one of the most beautiful and powerful greek songs ever written, a milestone in the music history of Greece. The songs are interpreted by three prominent singers, Haralambos Garganourakis, a genuine Cretan, Lakis Halkias and the young Tania Tsanaklidou at her first recorded appearence. A real gem.

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