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Concertos don't take up a huge amount of room in the Bach canon, and the violin concertos take up even
less room. In fact, you can count his completed violin concertos on one hand. So why, if they're so insignificant in his
career, do we still cherish, hear and play these works so often? What's the best one to start with? And where do we
go after that?

Bach wrote two traditional violin concertos, one in A minor and one in E major. They've both got some
fantastic melodies in them, and you can really hear how they prefigure the more traditional concerto sound that developed
in the following century. The concerto in A minor is particularly popular. Listen to how the solo violin melody completely
takes over after the introduction - Bach meant for this piece to be a showing-off session.

The E major concerto is just as loveable as the A minor, with the first movement cycling gently through some
gorgeous melodies. Performers often love to put in the occasional 'twiddle' to embellish the themes a little bit, which
can make each performance different and really maximise the way that Bach wrote it.

So, you've written two violin concertos - what's next? Stick two violin concertos together and make a double
concerto! This is a total showpiece in concert - the audience gets to see two violins duelling, duetting and
generally interacting throughout.

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Music Composed by Johann Sebastian Bach
Played by the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra
With Hilary Hahn (violin)
Conducted by Jeffrey Kahane

"Hilary Hahn’s first recording for DG confirms her growing reputation as one of the finest
violinists of our time, irrespective of age. This is Bach playing of truly extraordinary quality, from
the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra as much as the soloist(s). Conductor Jeffrey Kahane and
Hahn together bring an absolutely toe-tapping abandon to the outer movements of the E major
concerto, and the central Adagio emerges as a major slow movement, pure poetry with the
continuo harpsichord thankfully not too prominent but perfectly placed to add a touch of
definition to the bass lines.

Perhaps what makes this collection so remarkable from the solo point of view is the fact that
Hahn doesn’t take the spotlight, front and center, but gives the music the chamber-like
interplay and “concerto grosso” feel that produces a more “authentic” impression than many
performances using period instruments. It goes without saying that her own contribution
is extremely well executed, perfect in intonation, and she controls her vibrato in the slow
movements in a way that never makes the music sound mushy or overly sentimental–but
she remains very much “first among equals”. In the double concerto, she and Margaret
Batjer match their tones with uncanny accuracy, and Hahn’s interplay with oboist Allan
Vogel in the C minor double concerto is a model of what a gracious musical dialog should be.

In short, you won’t find these works better played by anyone, or given more pleasingly
listenable interpretations. This is in all respects an extremely auspicious debut recording
for Hahn on her new label."
Classics Today

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This EAC-FLAC upload includes the complete artwork, booklet, log and cue files.
The mp3 version only includes the front and back covers.
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The violin concertos are my favorites from the vast Bach repertoire. I have been content with the Fischer and Mutter (both very "modern" performances) sets but this looks like another one to try as I really love Hahn.

Thanks for posting, wimpel. Gotta say, I didn't expect any pre-19th century music post from you. :)

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