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Iakovos Kolanian - Plays Mikis Theodorakis (2010, FLAC)

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01. A day in May (Mera Magiou)
02. If only I had the water of immortality (Na 'ha t' athanato nero)
03. Where has my boy flown (Pou petaxe t' agori mou)
04. My star, you have set (Vasilepses asteri mou)
05. Your fragrant lips (Hili mou moskomiristo)
06. You were good and sweet (Isoun kalos isoun glikos)
07. My sweet, you are not lost (Glike mou, esi de hathikes)
08. You stood at the window (Sto parathiri stekosoun)

09. Antonio Torres Heredia I
10. Antonio Torres Heredia II
11. The gypsy nun (I kalogria i tsigana)
12. Soledad (I pantermi)
13. Ballad of the doomed man (Tou pikramenou)
14. The wind and the beauty (Tou anemou ke tis Penemenis)
15. Death for love (Hamos apo agapi)

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The outstanding Greek-Armenian guitarist vistuoso, Iakovos Kolanian, transcripted two early masterpieces of Mikis Theodorakis for classical guitar, and recorded his superb interpretations in this 2010 CD. Mikis (85 yo) was really touched by Kolanian's potentials of musical expression and technical maturity and expressed publicly his affection and thanks for the guitarist's love towards his work. Thirty five years after the great John Williams, enjoy another top guitarist's view of Epitaph, in the double role of the arranger and performer. An approach of rare beauty.

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laohu, do you have Tatiana Papagergiou playing piano works by Mikis Thedorakis?

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