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Gertrud Huber – The Third Man (2003, 320)

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Track list:

1. Big Ben (London Films)
2. The Harry Lime Theme
3. Dialogue: 'It's a shame'
4. The Café Mozart Waltz
5. Main Title – Harry's false funeral
6. Dialogue: 'Heard of Harry Lime?'
7. Holly encounters Anna – Meeting the conspirator
8. Dialogue: 'The third man'
9. Holly accused of homicide
10. Dialogue: 'This isn't Santa Fe'
11. Holly brings flowers
12. Holly runs after Harry's shadow
13. Dialogue: 'Holly, what fools we are'
14. Trap to catch Harry
15. Dialogue: 'The cuckoo clock'
16. Anna walks away – End title – The Harry Lime Theme
17. Visions of Vienna
18. Danube Dreams
19. The Harry Lime Theme (City of Prague Orchestra)
20. The Café Mozart Waltz (City of Prague Orchestra)

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Film music had pending an update of the soundtrack of the film ' The Third Man', directed in 1949 by British director Carol Reed and certainly the most important in the history of British cinema. It is known that the creator and performer of the music of this film was the musician and sitar player Anton Karas (Vienna, 1906-85), which was discovered by chance by Reed in a tavern in Vienna while preparing his film. Karas was revealed as a master of melody, as well as a skillful and expressive instrumentalist. Karas played the music for the soundtrack almost "ad-lib", after several months of long recording sessions in London. This CD edition undertook the arduous task of transcribing all original music scores, commissioned to the composer, arranger and musical director Gareth Williams. The interpretation of this recording , disappeared Karas, has been left to the Bavarian instrumentalist Gertrud Huber (Altoetting, 1963), not only a classically trained musician, but nice player of zither and harp of concert. The album brings together 20 tracks among which are interspersed seven minitracks (6 of them only dialogues of the film) and 4 bonus issues, the last two of which are orchestrated versions of the two main themes of the movie, played by the 'City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. This work is an opportunity to renew with the current sound quality great soundtrack of this historical film.

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