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12-16-2013, 07:08 AM
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Upstream Color (2013) Soundtrack Score
Composed by: Shane Carruth

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1. Leaves Expanded May Be Prevailing Blue Mixed with Yellow of the Sand (02:25)
2. I Used to Wonder at the Halo of Light Around My Shadow and Would Fancy Myself One of the Elect (01:25)
3. Fearing That They Would Be Light-headed for Want of Food and Also Sleep (01:55)
4. Stirring Them up as the Keeper of a Menagerie His Wild Beasts (02:35)
5. The Finest Qualities of Our Nature like the Bloom on Fruits Can Be Preserved (01:49)
6. Perhaps the Wildest Sound That Is Ever Heard Here Making the Woods Ring Far and Wide (01:46)
7. I Love to Be Alone (02:27)
8. A Young Forest Growing Up Under Your Meadows (02:29)
9. Their Roots Reaching Quite Under the House (02:10)
10. The Rays Which Stream Through the Shutter Will Be No Longer Remembered When the Shutter Is Wholly Removed (05:24)
11. After Soaking Two Years and Then Lying High Six Months It Was Perfectly Sound Through Waterlogged past Drying (03:17)
12. The Sun Is but a Morning Star (00:36)
13. A Low and Distant Sound Gradually Swelling and Increasing (05:49)
14. As if It Would Have a Universal and Memorable Ending (01:41)
15. A Sullen Rush and Roar (04:23)

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may I have this link please. thank you very much in advnace

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Link please!

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I'd love a link to this! One of my favorite movies from this year!

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do you have a lossless version?

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I know this is an old post but if you still have the ost, may I have a link too :D