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Today, RZA has scored and acted as a music supervisor in plenty of movies, including "Kill Bill Vol. 1 / 2", Blade Trinity, "The Protector", "Soul Plane" and many more. But for "Ghost Dog" this was something completely new for The Abbot and once he took up the offer it would be the beginning of a totally new career that would change his career forever. The score for his first foray into the film world might just be his finest however;; an atmospheric soundtrack, often with hardhitting beats, that "underscores both the hitman's Zen-like qualities and the lurking menace of his enviroment". If I remember correctly, RZA originally brought Jarmusch a batch of music of stuff he thought would please rhe director alαs more traditional film music. The director told him something a long the lines of: "I wanted you to score this flick because you are The RZA of The Wu-Tang Clan; I want you to create atmospheric but Wu sounding beats for the score and it'll be perfect". Said and done; the final movie bears plenty of music that has all the trademarks of classic Wu-Tang beats and perfectly embodies the actions, thoughts and overall character of Whitaker's different but outstanding portrayal of the engima that is Ghost Dog.

One of the most intersting thing about the soundtrack was that it was released in two completely different, but both superb, versions fully produced by The RZA. In late 1999, the original score featuring all the instrumental passages created for the actual film (fleshed out with a couple of bonus tracks) released as a Japan exclusive only on both CD and LP. Clocking in at forty monutes, this edition of "Ghost Dog: The Way Of The Samurai" is a great listen front-to-back and will be even iller if you have seen the actual movie. In the USA and Europe, a completely different soundtrack was released in the early 2000 under the same name but with the added extra title "...The Album". This bore very little resemblance to the Japanese LP. Instead it featured twelve RZA produced vocal tracks, rounded out by clips from the movie set over the "Ghost Dog Theme". Very few of the songs were featured in any way in either the film or the released score. Instead it played more like a fully RZA produced The Swarm" / "The Sting" album(s) with a host of guest apperances from Wu-Tang Clan, Wu members, Wu affilliates like 12 O'Clock, Sunz Of Man, Blue Raspberry and Black Knights Of Teh Noth Star. One very interesting track rhere is "East New York Stomp" which features the reunion of Jeru the Damaja and Afu-Ra oover a gritty reversed version of "Shadowboxin'". Overall this was a great album but it had very little to do with the actual movie, despite some references to the storyline. - The Lost Tapes ([Only registered and activated users can see links])

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"Ghost Dog Theme" (with Dogs and EFX)
"Opening Theme" ("Raise Your Sword") [Instrumental]
"Flying Birds"
"Samurai Theme"
"Gangsters Theme"
"Dead Birds"
"Fast Shadow [Version 1] – featuring Wu-Tang Clan
"RZA #7"
"Funky Theme"
"RZA's Theme"
"Samurai Showdown" ("Raise Your Sword") – featuring RZA
"Ghost Dog Theme"
"Fast Shadow" (version 2) – featuring Wu-Tang Clan
"Untitled #8" – Not used in the film
"Untitled #12" (Free Jazz) – Not used in the film
"Wu-World Order" [Version 1] – featuring Wu-Tang Clan (not used in the film)

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"Samurai Code Quotation" – Forest Whitaker
"Strange Eyes" – Sunz of Man/12 O'Clock/Blue Raspberry
"4 Sho Sho" – Northstar/RZA/Blue Raspberry
"Zip Code" – Black Knights
"Samurai Code Quotation" – Forest Whitaker
"Cakes" – Kool G Rap
"Samurai Code Quotation" – Forest Whitaker
"Don't Test/Wu Stallion" – Suga Bang Bang
"Walking Through the Darkness" – Tekitha
"The Man" – Masta Killa/Superb
"Samurai Code Quotation" – Forest Whitaker
"Walk The Dogs" – Royal Fam/La the Darkman
"Stay With Me" – Melodie/12 O'Clock
"East New York Stomp" – Jeru the Damaja and Afu-Ra
"Samurai Code Quotation" – Forest Whitaker
"Fast Shadow" – Wu-Tang Clan
"Samurai Code Quotation" – Forest Whitaker
"Samurai Showdown" – RZA
"Samurai Code Final Quotation" – Forest Whitaker

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