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08-07-2004, 06:52 PM
Read EVERYTHING before engaging battle!!!

First, to beat Paragon in cloister 100 of Via Infinito in Bevelle, you must equip Rikku And Paine With The Mascot Dressphere (Auto Shell and Protect Have To Be Mastered) and Yuna as a gunner. All of your characters must be level 99 (I'ts way easier) Note: The best place to level is in the Bevelle underground route before the Farplane Abyss. Equip Rikku and Paine with 2 crystal Bangle each (You can win them by playing blitzball) and Yuna with a cat nip and a crystal bangle (She will strike for 9999 when her HP is low).
Next, put Yuna on critical status (Yellow HP) Note: Enter a random fight in the bevelle underground accessing from inside the temple.
DO NOT TOUCH A SAVE SPHERE!!! You are now ready to fight Paragon. Use phoenix down on Yuna if needed and always cast trigger happy lvl 3 with her (She will strike 9999 like 10 times). Do this 2 times and Paragon is dead.

You cannot save between Paragon and Trema so use a megalixir at the beginning of the battle with Trema (after his long speech).
Then, use a soul spring to leach his MP (he won't be able to cast magic). Trigger Happy him with Yuna like 10 times and use phoenix down with the mascot on her if needed. Also, use elixirs to heal the mascots (Anyway you won't need them after the battle. Do this until he dies.

The only way to have 100% completion in a single game is to beat him. You will get the perfect ending which explains the story of Tidus. This is I think The easiest method to defeat both bosses. I hope it is really going to help you out. O and never forget to never quit (I restarted like 5 times)

10-02-2004, 09:22 AM
I like to go into battle against Trema and Company with full HP. Most likely the first bost will kill a character in one strike. Have the Cat nipper wear the Mounted Assault garment grid so they will get a first strike and something useful like commit suicide ofr cast hastega on the entire party.
I've already beated these two bosses 4 times but thanks for the tips anyways.

10-15-2004, 03:42 PM
What about Catnip. with a gunner lv 3 and catnip i beat trema in 5 turns