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07-16-2004, 12:32 AM
at some poitn in time most of us have camped one or two in hopes of a bad ass item or the fat gil, so share your experiences and your reccord.

Leaping Lizzie:
Leaping Boots
lvl 7
Def 3
+3 Agi
250k on my server

Current Reccord 0/21

I hate this whore fuckin Drop Nazi

Worst Experience:

First time I got her. She spawned right on top of me, I voke, two-hour kickin her ass, and she uses paleful gaze, petrifys me, and a Pally in AF armor watches me die, vokes it and then bitches at the lack f a drop. . .

he coulda been campin the Emp or something much closer to his level range that wouldn't kill his drop chances so much. . .and he coulda poped a cure my way.

Most memorable Experience:

Chocoing back to Bastok, see her, jump off the Choco and voke with three people chasing her, weapons drawn. Killed her, no drop, lots of flamage..

Stinging Sophie
lvl 7
+1 Agi
+1 Dex
8k my server


First time, got the drop, PT with a friend, it was nice.

Second time, same friend we Sneak Attacked the Hell out of her, no drop, twas funny.
Rank 3 Dragons


I'm willing to help people with this cause its hard to find help for it. Lots of 30+ Adv with Rank 2 still who are always looking for help. Still need to slay the Windy one.

Set the Bastok Reccord twice.

Most memorable moment:

Had to kill the Sandy Dragon twice in an hour when I got Rank 3 because the one guy forgot to go talk to Halver before making way to the BC.

Worst Experience:

Bastok Dragon, Got a Pally Key, and I needed it, the guy who got it used it to get the flame boomerrang (2k item) and fucked me out of it after I said I needed it.

He looked me up about a month later and apologized and promised to help me with my keys. Turns out helped PL his girl friend about a week before this, but he didn't know it was me. One of those odd moments.

07-16-2004, 01:18 AM
Well, haven't been hunting much NMs but uh... let see...

Spiny Spipi
Drops: Mist Silk Cape
Item Worth: 25k-30k

Current Record: 1 Kill/1 Drop/2 Encounters

The first time I've seen this monster was when I hit level 10 on BLM (which was my very first job). Some Mithra joined me and wanted to go to Tahrongi... until we saw this Crawler that had a different name. Now mind you, I wasn't aware of what it was called but I can tell it's one of those rare monsters that had to drop something of value. So me and the Mithra attacked it and I died... Then I was told of the total value of what it dropped.

A month or so later, I got my revenge and got two silk threads out of that sucker too. Though I was rich... I quickly used it up to get some BLM spells that I missed.

East Sarutabaruta Garrison
Drops: Mannequin Feet/Legs and probably other stuff...?
Item Worth: No set value but lowest I've seen was 50k and the highest was 200k for both items.

Current Record: 0 Successes/0 Drops/1 Encounter

Actually, I didn't die on this... the Garrison bugged on us and the next waves didn't show up. However, I got to understand one thing about Garrisons..... EVERYTHING LAGS AS IF YOU'RE ON A 14.4kb MODEM! Anyways, since it lagged and only got 2 waves, there was only one set of feet and someone else got it.

North Gustaburg Garrison
Drops: Same as Saruta Garrison... and maybe more!
Item Worth: Refer to Saruta Garrison

Current Record: 0 Successes/1 Drop/2 Encounters

I can vividly remember how I died in this Garrison.... a huge ass fucking rock hit me in the head and did ~300 damage. Consider that I was capped at 20 and was a BLM, it basically killed me and my children. I did, however, managed to survive with feet and sold them for 40k... I didn't want them near me, I just needed the money and I was about to take any offer beyond 30k.

07-16-2004, 01:21 AM
forgot Garrison

3 times

Fourth Wave Twice

Died Twice

Total of four legs and three feet dropped

I've landed the legs, sold for 30k

The mannaquin items from Garrison have taken a huge price drop on my server.

07-16-2004, 10:33 AM
Originally posted by Merl

Leaping Lizzie:

Current Reccord 0/21

You managed to pull Lizzy 21 times?

The competition on your server must be downright lousy. ;3

Typo has gotten lizzy once, with obviously no drop.

Typo once ran right past Jaggedy Earred Jack, too woozy at the time to process the fact that it ish the NM with Rabbit Charm, a 400k drop.

At this point I'm overjoyed that I'll never have to rely on a lucky break NM sighting/drop to make money.. >.>;;;

Garrison ish pretty broken right now, at least on Cerberus. Sometimes the mini-game itself "crashes" before all the enemy waves have appeared. Ish even GM confirmed that it needs fixing. Typo has chalked that down as yet another waste-of-Typotime, anyway.. >.-;;

07-16-2004, 11:43 PM
Jack is a real whore on my server, drop actually ran for a million for a while, havn't checked in ages.

Lizzie is actually always heavily camped. On a weekend her Quad can get as laggy as the popular city AH area, its insane.

07-17-2004, 06:59 AM
I've seen Stinging Sophie 5 times, fought her 3, and gotten 1 drop.
I think first time someone else got her, second time I died, third time someone else got her, and then I got the drop, and the last time nothing.

08-02-2004, 01:39 PM
UGH.....NM hunting, i hate it, heres my record

Spook (not rly an NM but hey, its drop is like a NM drop)
record: drops 2/25, 27 encounters

this spooky bastard gets on my nerves, first time i went for it with a lvl 15 thf friend, like 8 other ppl there, sat there for about 4 hours and got it 4 times, dropped once

then i went one day by myself really early in the morning, about 5am, i was the only one there and fought the spooky bastard for about many many hours, killed it about 20 and so times (wasnt rly counting) got the drop once, rly pissed me off but the 35k i got was worth it, i guess

Jaggedy Ear Jack
record: Drops 0/2, 2 encounters

this has gotta be the gayest NM ever, ive hunted it about 6 times, only seen it twice, first time i was with a friend and we saw it after about an hour, all the other times after that i slaughtered wabbit after wabbit to make it pop lasted about 2-3 hours b4 i gave up, ive given up completely on this NM, for it is a bitch to get

well thats about it, my NM hunting experience sucks big floppy donkey dick, till next time

08-02-2004, 02:31 PM
So soon my friend is giving me a Power Bow +1 (I was borrowing another person's....) and I'm going to go Lizzy camping with him as RNG...

he needs the drop because apparently he gets kicked from occasional parties (!) as his 50 THF without them o_o

08-04-2004, 02:04 AM
Originally posted by PlasmaTorture
So soon my friend is giving me a Power Bow +1 (I was borrowing another person's....) and I'm going to go Lizzy camping with him as RNG...

he needs the drop because apparently he gets kicked from occasional parties (!) as his 50 THF without them o_o

He should be kicked for not wearing winged boots not leaping boots then.

Edit: Merl posted this. Not me. =/

08-04-2004, 01:52 PM
Originally posted by Ndi

He should be kicked for not wearing winged boots not leaping boots then.

Edit: Merl posted this. Not me. =/

He's selling the boots and paying the extra like 20k to get Winged Boots =\, asuming we get the drop.