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07-06-2004, 09:15 PM
Not to take a Shot at XII or anything, but has anyone noticed how Most of the Characters Faces Look a little...Squished up?, Especially the Nose?

Are they Part of a Special Race or something?
Its just something Ive noticed, sorry if ive Offended Anyone..


07-06-2004, 09:28 PM
Maybe it is just the race, i dont really know. And i don't see how you could offend anyone with what you said.

07-07-2004, 04:26 AM
What do you <i>mean</i> by squished up?

Besides, I can't say anything about most characters because I haven't actually <i>seen</i> most characters.

07-07-2004, 01:44 PM
it just like how different races of humans have different faces andd what not.

07-07-2004, 09:29 PM
Ok, Its Hard to Explain, Just Look at the 2 Main Characters.
Its Definitely Something About the Nose thats Making me Go "ok that looks a little Different"

I read something there about Different races in this game, i just want to see if anyone else noticed this.


07-07-2004, 11:37 PM
I think the races thing rather referred to species...

07-08-2004, 02:12 AM
Im so offended!!

07-09-2004, 09:38 PM
Well Some people Really like FF12 and i Dont want to look like im Character Bashing....

Anyway 12 looks like a good game


09-06-2004, 08:44 PM
lol..I dont get the squished up part but I think that their faces arent as detailed in this game, like i was looking at FMV's screenshots in a website and they look..uh..whats the word...plastic???...I dont know..maybe its just me...

09-07-2004, 12:00 AM
If you remember Vagrant Story, the designs look a lot like they were in that game. It's because the same artist has created the character designs. Those "squished up noses" are nothing more than an artistic staple of his. Although they definitely don't look alien, as I've seen people with similar nose-types. If they are a different species, their will probably be a distinguishing mark other than their nose.

By the way, although their ARE other "races" in FFXII, it is confirmed that at least the two leads ARE human.

Check this link: [Only registered and activated users can see links]

09-07-2004, 11:12 AM
Erh, about at least the two leads being human... so far we know that at least four of them are human, so where's the news? :P The picture of Vaan is not exactly what I'd call new either... hmmm...
In any case, you really don't seem to have seen much of FFXII media... The different species/races have been shown even in the earliest trailers and screen shots.

kaos jmd
09-14-2004, 06:49 PM
yeah they do look a little elvish but it isn't as bad as you make it seem