View Full Version : Final Fantasy V: AP Levelling

Bahamut ZERO
06-01-2004, 12:43 AM
I'm looking for a place to get cheap AP (to level up my classes as quickly as possible.) Levelling up my characters would be nice too, but it's the classes I want to get as high as I can.

I'm looking at either the start of the game; Or I'm looking at the third world after X-Death has just used the power of the Void on a couple of towns. Either place would be appreciated.

Rabid Monkey
06-01-2004, 07:53 AM
Bah... I had a good amount written out and then my computer decided to reset... I guess you get the abbreviated version (sorry if there are any spoilers in here for you).

Basically I'm just about done with the third world and from what I've found the Pyramid is great after you have a 4th person in your party, that or the island shrine that you can only get to in the third world. The island shrine has harder monsters but you'll get more AP. The pyramid has fairly easy battles and you will never get less than 3 AP for a battle, and you get decent exp either way. So really the choice is yours.

In the first world the best place to gain AP is by Butz's hometown. It's (I think) the northernmost town on the map. it's surrounded by forest and mountains but there is a little area to land the airship at the edge of the forest. You'll mainly fight battles with 3 nut eaters here. They pretty much won't do any damage to you and you could tap them to kill them, but you will get 3 AP pre battle. If you're looking for AP and exp then outside the town of Jachol is a good place to go. Just be careful because there is a type of enemy outside it that uses Bio, which does about 200 damage and then causes your HP to drain. They will usually use it twice in a row unless you are able to mute them, so unless you are sure that you can survive it I would level outside the library of the ancients first.

Hope that helps my winged friend :P