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Go Trabi Go - VA (1991, 320)

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01 John Parr - Westward Ho
02 Eena - Gates Of Eden
03 Francesco Napoli - Questa Notte
04 Westlake Orchestra - Trabi Goes To Napoli
05 Gianna Nannini - Due ragazze in me
06 John Parr - White Doves Have Crossed The Borders
07 Taco - Lady Of My Heart
08 Real Voices of Milli Vanilli, The - Keep On Running
09 Claudia Schmutzler - Jacqueline's Song
10 Eros Ramazzotti - Solo con te
11 Gabriela Di Rosa - Lover Boy
12 Westlake Orchestra - Lady Of My Heart
13 John Parr - Westward Ho - Extended Maxi version (Bonus)

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Go Trabi Go is a 1991 German comedy and road movie directed by Peter Timm. It was the first major box office hit about events concerning the newly reunified Germany. Unlike other films in this period that focused on the problems following reunification, Go Trabi Go sees the main characters, former citizens of East Germany, explore places in Europe outside the Eastern Bloc that they were not allowed to visit during the Communist era.