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Fast Forward - VA (1985, 320)

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01. Deco - Breakin Out
02. Siedah Garrett - Do You Want It Right Now
03. Siedah Garrett & David Swanson - Long As We Believe
04. Deco Feat Siadah Garrett - Curves
05. Deco Feat.Siadah Garrett - Taste
06. Pulse - Showdown
07. Deco - Survive
08. Deco - Fast Forward


9-Deco - Breakin Out (Movie version)
10-Deco - Survive (movie version)
11-Deco-How Do You Do (not featured in OST)

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Fast Forward is a 1985 dance film directed by Sidney Poitier. In the film, a dance troupe from Ohio comes to New York to compete in a national talent competition. The Bollywood film Dance Dance was inspired by this film.

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