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Mi Verry Joy - The Medieval Ensemble Of London (2008, FLAC)

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Track List

John Bedyngham (1459-60)
01. Mi Verry Joy 4:42
02. O Rosa Bella 3:55
03. Le Serviteur 6:38
04. Myn Hertis Lust 2:08
05. Durer Ne Puis 5:50
06. Fortune Alas 2:07
07. Say Bylle To Hir 6:34

John Dunstable (1390-1453)
08. Puisque M'amor 4:33
09. Je Languis 5:41
10. I Pray You Alle 2:20

Hert (1440-60)
11. O Rosa Bella 3:43

Walter Frye (1475)
12. Alas Alas, Alas 2:57
13. Watlin Frew 1:29
14. So Ys Emprinted 3:00
15. Tout A Par Moy 6:17

The Medieval Ensemble Of London:

Patrizia Kwella - soprano
Margaret Philpot - alto
Timothy Penrose - countertenor
Rogers Covey-Crump - tenor
Paul Elliott - tenor
Michael George - baritone
Paul Hillier - baritone
Robert Cooper - vielle
Timothy Davies - lute

Produced by Peter Wadland

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The Medieval Ensemble of London was active in the late 1970s and early 80s and directed by Peter & Timothy Davies. They were a clear successor to David Munrow in this area, and most of the performers involved on their albums continue to be major parts of the EM mainstream. Albums such as the complete Dufay & Ockeghem songs were landmarks in their day. Twenty-five years after it was first released, this magnificent recording of 15th-century secular music has finally become available once again. Listening to it today, one wonders why Decca took so long to reissue it.

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